10 Best Cocktails You Need to Try

Cocktails can range from sophisticated classics, to bizarre signature drinks. Here are ten you should try:

1. Martini


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The Martini is a classic cocktail that can be made any way you want. It can be made ultra-dry by including only a small amount of vermouth, or you can make it wet by adding equal parts of gin and vermouth. Garnishes can include olives, a slice of lemon, a slice of cucumber, or an onion. The Martini is a sophisticated drink.

2. Margarita


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The Margarita is another classic cocktail and one of the simplest, consisting of just three ingredients. To make a good Margarita you should go for fresh ingredients and eschew any pre-mixed concoctions. Find a good tequila that is 100% agave, a good triple sec and some fresh limes.

3. Bloody Mary

bloody mary

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The Bloody Mary is an example of a cocktail that was originally created as a cure for a hangover. Again, you can buy a bottled mix, but to make a great Bloody Mary you need to create it from fresh ingredients. Start with a good quality tomato juice and then add whatever spices and juices you like and finish off with some classic garnishes such as celery.

4. Soy Cubano

soy cubano

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Soy Cubano is a signature cocktail made by a small bar in London renowned for creating its cocktails from such ingredients as pine bark, clay and flint. Its Soy Cubano is a mix of dark rum, white soy sauce, Pedro Ximenez and tobacco essence. The ingredients are mixed over cubed ice and then strained into a chilled coupette.

5. Calvados Sidecar

calvados sidecar

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There are many awesome calvados drink recipes. The Calvados Sidecar is an example of a classic cocktail that is in the same family as the Margarita. However, whereas the Margarita is a light summer drink, the Sidecar is a mixture of cognac and lemon. This creates a drink that feels warm and mellow, more suited to a dark bar on a cool autumn night.

6. Jack Rose

Jack rose cocktail

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Jack Rose is another calvados drink recipe. This drink is deceptively simple, but when the flavours are blended together it makes for a fantastic drink. You can make your own grenadine or use bottled pomegranate juice. It is worth taking the time to find a calvados apple brandy that packs plenty of flavour, rather than using an apple brandy that has been blended with a neutral grain spirit.

7. Whisky Sour

Whiskey Sour

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Whisky Sour is another simple cocktail that is simple to make, and is a good standby if you have guests over and you do not have many ingredients to hand.

8. Camel Milk Cocktail

Camel Milk

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Camel Milk Cocktail is an interesting non-alcoholic cocktail that was created for Muslims. Camel’s milk is rich in vitamin C, iron, fatty acids and B vitamins, so this is one cocktail that will actually be good for you.

9. The Gunpowder Plot Cocktail

Gunpowder Plot Cocktail

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The Gunpowder Plot cocktail was inspired by the infamous Gunpowder Plot of 1605, and infuses gin with gunpowder flavours. This is then shaken with egg white and fernet branca, a traditional herbal digestive.

10. Diamonds Are Forever Cocktail

Diamonds are forever cocktail

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The Diamonds are Forever cocktail is yours for just $1,347. The cocktail consists of cognac, gold flake champagne and bitters. The drink is served in a Swarovski Crystalline Cocktail glass with its stem filled with diamonds, which you get to keep.

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