10 Best Phoebe Buffay Moments on Friends

Phoebe Buffay is the queen of the one liners on Friends. We all have our favourites, but no-one can deny that Lisa Kudrow’s Phoebe is one of the most unique characters not just in Friends but on television. For this reason, The List Love is offering the 10 best Phoebe Buffay Moments.

10. Imaginative

Phoebe Buffay Santa Claus

Phoebe Buffay obviously has a great imagination, so much so that she is shocked to learn that Santa Claus isn’t real.

9. Spell Checker

Phoebe Buffay quotes

If you didn’t know how to spell “Phoebe” before, you most definitely do now!

8. Observer

Phoebe quotes from friends

She might have a brilliant imagination, but Phoebe knows the facts when she sees them, and she’s not afraid to say them aloud to Monica and Rachel.

7. Dr Phalange

Phoebe Buffay regina phalange

Phoebe Buffy has many pseudonyms, but Doctor Regina Phalange has to be one of our favourites.

6. Cover Girl

Phoebe Buffay funny moments

When it comes to covering up the truth, no-one can rival good ol’ Phoebes.  She can tell seamless lies.

5. Denise

Phoebe Buffay's roomamate Denise

Phoebe’s roommate Denise is a mystery to viewers, just like Father Christmas. Coincidence?

4. Smooth Mover

Phoebe Buffay firt

No-one in the world can flirt quite as well as Phoebe Buffay. She’s a smooth mover.

3. Caring

Phoebe alcohol quote

Phoebe cares about the community, so much so that she selflessly drinks all the alcohol so kids have less to drink.

2. Musical Genius

Phoebe old lady hand

Some musicians are self-taught, like Paul McCartney,  Jimi Hendrix and Phoebe Buffay. The greatest musicians in the world.

 1. Dancer

Phoebe Buffay dancing

No-one can deny that Phoebe Buffay is an excellent dancer. How could Chandler resist?

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