10 Etiquette Steps to Make You More British

There’s a lot of British stereotypes out there, like we all live in castles and talk in posh accents. That’s not the case. There are, however, some etiquettes that make us fundamentally British. So, if you’re a Brit that wants to become more British, or are from another country and want to learn how to become one of us, check out 10 etiquette steps to make you more British…

1. Go to the Pub


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There is no better British tradition than a trip to the local pub. It’s the biggest and arguably the best part of our culture – and it’s one we’re immensely proud of. So, if you want to become British or just want to fit into the Brit way of life, head to your nearest boozer for a pint of beer, a pack of pork scratchings and maybe even a game of darts.

2. Enjoy a Spot of Afternoon Tea

afternoon tea

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Afternoon Tea is more British than Queen Elizabeth II sipping PG tips with Ken Barlow, Henry VII and Hugh Grant. Yeah, it’s that British! Afternoon Tea dates back to the early 19th century, when Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, complained of hunger pangs during the late afternoon tea.

This was at a time when most people would only eat two meals per day: one in the morning and one in the late evening. So, what did she do? She grabbed a pot of tea and a light snack. Her friends later started joining her at her rooms at Woburn Abbey, and so afternoon tea was born! You can now grab afternoon tea in restaurants and hotels across the UK.

3. Pick a Football Team

British football clubs

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You’re not a true Brit if you don’t have a favourite football team. Whether you’re a fan of the mighty reds, a toffee or a hammer, you have to pick a club. It’s the biggest sport in the country – so, even if you don’t like football, you need to pick a club.

4. Drink Tea


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Nothing quite screams I’m British like a nice cup of tea. We’re drooling just thinking about it. Whether you drink it with sugar or without, it doesn’t matter. What matters is you drink it – and that you love it. You’re not a true Brit until you do.

5. Select a Soap


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TV soaps are massive in the UK. They’re so big they even have their own TV awards show. Us Brits love talking about our favourite soap down the pub, sipping on a beer. Are you an Emmerdale fan? Or maybe you prefer the classic Coronation Street? You might just love the drama of Eastenders.

6. Place a Bet at the Bookies

horse racing

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Speaking of pubs, sometimes there’s nothing quite like heading down to a bookmaker, such as Ladbrokes, to place a horse racing bet and watching it down the pub. We also love a day out at the races, whether it’s the Grand National, Market Rasen, Haydock or Royal Ascot.

7. Be Sarcastic

David Brent

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Never believe a Brit because the chances are they were being sarcastic. We’re not very literal people and will make you look a fool for a laugh. Some people love it, some people hate it, but we are who we are.

8. Never Wear a Union Jack

Geri Halliwell

Us Brits aren’t fiercely patriotic. In fact, being unpatriotic is part of being patriotic, really. We will moan about the Queen, complain about the weather and will never be seen dead wearing or owning anything that includes a Union Jack. Ever. Well, unless you’re Geri Halliwell.

9. Join the Queue


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British people appreciate a good queue. It’s organised and fair, and it is, most importantly, very polite – which is what we’re all about. Whether we’re lining up at the bar, shop or in the post office, we wait our turn and will encourage the person in front of us to be served first.

10. Complain


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Us Brits have a lot to complain about. The weather is terrible, our pubs don’t open ’til 10am and we spend a lot of our time waiting in queues. So yeah, we like to complain. It is good for our souls. If our food is terrible in a restaurant, will we tell the server? Err… no. But you can be sure we’ll do a lot of moaning about it once we’re gone.

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