10 Fantastic Pizza Hut Facts You Will Love

Pizza Hut is the Coca-Cola of pizza, and consistently offers some of the freshest, tastiest pizzas on the planet. Whether you’re a deep pan or thin and crispy person, you undoubtedly love to munch on this amalgamation of cheese, bread and tomato every once in a while.

Yet you probably know very little about the place that makes your pizza. Well people, we’re about to fill you up with some Pizza Hut facts!

1. The International Space Station

International Space Station Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut delivered a pizza to the International Space Station in 2001, paying the Russians $1 million to transport the pizza and make a commercial out of it.

2. First Online Purchases

first online pizza order

Pizza Hut started taking online delivery orders back in 1994, and one of the first internet purchases was for a Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza with mushrooms and extra cheese.

3. Engrave the Moon

pizza engraving the moon

This has to be one of the most bizarre facts on the list. Pizza Hut planned to have their logo engraved on the moon using lasers. However, they had to scrap the plans because the logo would need to be the same size of Texas.

4. Pizza Hut Name

first pizza hut

Pizza Hut got its name as one of the founders’ wives believed their first restaurant building looked a little like a hut.

5. Marmite-Stuffed Crust

marmite pizza hut

Love it or hate it, you can get a Marmite-stuffed pizza, but you will have to go to a Pizza Hut in New Zealand to try it. It is called the CheeZeeMite.

6. Pizza Calories

cheese pizza hut

Don’t want to read how many calories are in a 12″ medium pan pizza that’s topped with only cheese? Move on to the next fact now! For those of you who want to upset yourselves, the 12″ pizza is packed full of 1,920 kcal. We feel like we’ve put on a few pounds just reading that!

7. Origin

Dan and Frank Carney

The first Pizza Hut was opened on 31st May, 1958, in Wichita, Kansas. The two brothers, Dan and Frank Carney, launched their first restaurant after borrowing $600 from their mother. The store is still open today, too!

8. The Largest Cheese User

Pizza hut cheese pizza

Pizza Hut loves cheese. So much so that it is the largest user of cheese in the world. It is estimated that the chain will used 100 million pounds of cheese in one summer – and will use 300 million pounds over the course of a year.

9. The Most Successful Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Moscow

Where is the most successful pizza hut. Given America’s love for pizza, you probably thought it was in the US, right? 350 pizzas are sold in the US every second, so it wouldn’t be a surprise. However, the most successful Pizza Hut is located in Moscow and sells £6,500 in pizza, pasta and drinks per day.

10. The Proposal Package

Pizza Hut Proposal Package

Want to propose to your partner? Say it with pizza – but only in America. Pizza Hut in the States offers a proposal package to help customers pop the question. It costs $10,010 and includes a limousine, a ruby engagement ring, flowers, fireworks, a professional photographer and a $10 pizza, five breadsticks and 10 cinnamon sticks!

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