10 Fascinating WWII Facts

Most of us know pivotal points of World War II, but there are some lesser known facts that it’s important we remember. So we thought we’d share 10 of them with you.

1. The Queen


Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II, wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty during WWII, as she was a mechanic and driver.


2. China


The total number of Chinese people killed by the Japanese during World War II is greater than the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust.


3. The Mosque of Paris


The Mosque of Paris gave Jews fake Muslim identifications to help them escape the Nazis.


4. Winston Churchill


Can you believe that Winston Churchill lost the 1945 election after winning WWII? We can’t.


5. Fleas


This is probably one of the strangest acts of war. Japan bombed China during WWII with fleas infected with the bubonic plague.


6. John R. McKinney


John R. McKinney, a US soldier, held off 100 Japanese soldiers all by himself, armed with just a rifle. He was awarded the Medal of Honour for his bravery. That is one tough guy!


7. Peace Treaty


Due to the Kuril Islands argument, Japan and Russia have yet to sign the peace treaty to end WWII.


8. Soviet Males


80% of all Soviet males that were born in 1923 died in World War II. Russia was also the country with the largest number of casualties with over 21 million.


9. The Nazi Flag


Hitler designed the Nazi flag colours. White was for nationalism, red was for the Nazi’s social ideas and the black swastika was for the struggle of the Aryan man.


10. The Longest Battle


The lengthiest WWII battle was The Battle of the Atlantic, which lasted from 1939 all the way to 1945!

Share your interesting WWII facts with us by dropping a message below. For more WWII facts, we recommend you check out our article 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Hitler.

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