10 Festive Facts About The Holiday Movie

The Holiday (2006) is a feel-good romantic Christmas comedy that pulls at heartstrings every festive season. Love the film a little more and read 10 festive facts about The Holiday movie.

1. The Cast

The Holiday

The script was written specifically for the four main actors: Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law.

2. Dustin HoffmanDustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman was never supposed to be in the movie. He was driving by the Blockbuster shown in the film, and decided to stop when he spotted all the cameras and equipment. As he was friends with Nancy Meyers, she created a cameo for him that made the final cut.

3. Cary Grant

Cary Grant

Arthur tells Iris that Cary Grant was also from Surrey. This, however, is a mistake, as Cary Grant was actually from Bristol.

4. Real Website

The Holiday movie home

Do you want to exchange homes for Christmas? Well, you can even use the same website Amanda and Iris do in the movie. Head to homeexchange.com.

5. Amanda’s Home

The Holiday movie

Amanda’s home is pretty impressive. What’s more impressive is that they didn’t hire a mansion for the movie, and actually built the interior sets on a sound stage. It cost approximately $1 million to make – and that’s without exterior walls, roofing, plumbing, electricity and heating!

6. Iris and Jasper

The Holiday Iris and Jasper

You just want to shake Iris throughout the film, as she’s hopelessly besotted with Jasper, who will never completely return her affections. Let’s hope it wasn’t the same situation in real-life, as Kate Winslet and Rufus Sewell used to be in a romantic relationship.

7. Real Voice

Kate Winslet

Speaking of Kate, it was the first movie she had ever used her own accent instead of developing one specifically for a character.

8. Arthur

Kate Winslet The Holiday

Despite the fact that Eli Wallach was 90 years old when he play Amanda’s neighbour Arthur, he was full of so much life on set that Meyers had to ask him to act more like an old man and slow down.

9. Clark Gable

Jude Law

Nancy Meyers wanted Jude Law’s character to be similar to Clark Gable, and so sent Jude a collection of the famous actor’s movies so he could study for the role.

10. Improvisation

Cameron Diaz The Holiday

Cameron Diaz is a comedy actress and so loves a bit of improvisation on set. Meyers therefore allowed her to fool around during filming to create realistic, believable moments.

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