10 Ghost Facts to Spook You this Halloween

Do you believe in ghosts? Maybe you have seen one, and maybe you think it’s a load of old rubbish. There will always be believers and sceptics, so if you want to make an informed decision before you decide, read the following 10 ghost facts that are a little spooky.

1. Einstein


Many scientists will most likely laugh in your face if you tell them ghosts are real. Not Albert Einstein, though, as he may have hypothesized a scientific basis for the existence of ghosts. As energy can neither be created nor destroyed, and can only change form, what happens to our energy when we die? It could manifest itself into a ghost.

2. Night Time

night time

You’re more likely to see a ghost at night due to reduced electronic disturbance from appliances and devices, which are thought to drown out or compete with ghostly spirits.

3. Spirit Manifestations

ghost orbs

Spirits can exist in a variety of forms, including orbs, streaks of light, mists, dark shadows and unusual blurs. Full-body apparitions may also appear but are more unlikely.

4. Ancient Egypt


The Ancient Egyptians believed that ghosts were a form of life after death, and that is was simply a transition from one existence to another.

5. Sense of Smell


If you have a ghost in your house, there’s a good chance your abode offers a beautiful aroma or absolutely stinks. That’s because ghosts apparently have a strong sense of smell and can become attached to places with distinctive smells.

6. The Name of the Dead

ghostly hand

It’s thought that if you say the name of the dead too frequently, his or her soul can return to the realm of human beings. So be careful when you speak!

7. Female Followers

ghost between girls' legs

8 out 10 people targeted by spirits are women. Experts don’t know why they are contacted more than men.

8. Cats

cat at night

Scared of a ghost in your house? Buy a cat. Experts believe our feline friends can drive spirits away from their home and family.

9. Dreams

scared sleeper

Ghosts may not only haunt Earth, but they might be able to communicate with us through our dreams using subliminal thoughts.

10. Memories

ghost on stairs

Spirits may retain memories and emotions from their physical life, and therefore repeat actions when in ghostly form. The memories are often associated with their emotions prior to their death.

Now you’ve read about ghosts, it’s time to take a look at some and head to 10 Spooky Photographs to Make You Believe in Ghosts.

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