10 Incredible Biology Facts that Will Surprise You

The List Love offers top 10 lists to help our readers learn new and exciting facts in quick bursts, which is why we’re providing 10 incredible biology facts that will surprise you.

1. Tickling


Your body reacts with panic when tickled, as it’s your brains way of telling you there is a bug crawling on you. So that laugh is fear!

2. Our Bones


You probably would believe adults have more bones than a baby, don’t you? When in fact babies have more bones than an adult.

3. Breathing


Have you ever tried to breathe and swallow at the same time? You can’t.

4. The Human Brain


The human brain only makes up 2% of a person’s body weight, but needs 20% of the body’s oxygen and 15% of the heart’s work.

5. NASA Hubble Space Telescope

NASA Space hubble telescope

The human brain produces as much data in 30 seconds as the NASA Hubble Space telescope has produced in its entire lifetime.

6. Thighs


Have you got solid thighs? You’re damn right you do, as human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.

7. Shivering

shivering woman

When you shiver in the cold, your body releases the exercise hormone irisin, which encourages your body to turn fat into heat.

8. Skin Organisms


There are more organisms living on the skin of one human than there are humans living on planet Earth.

9. Bacteria


The average human gut contains 100 trillion bacteria, which make up 1-3% of your body mass.

10. 1 Million Songs


Your brain could fit in approximately 1 million songs, as the storage capacity of a human brain exceeds 4 terabytes.

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