10 Incredible Christmas Photos from History

The festive season provides the perfect opportunity to put our differences aside, even for one day only, and show appreciate for the good things we do have in life. We can all learn many lessons from the past, and the following Christmas photos from history show what a truly wonderful holiday it can be, even in the most unfortunate circumstances.

1. Berlin Brothers

Berlin Brothers

Two brothers were separated from each other when the Berlin Wall went up in 1961. However, the Eastern German government agreed to open the wall for the first time in Christmas 1963 so relatives could meet. Here are two brothers reuniting after three years apart.

2. The Unemployed Workers

unemployed workers christmas

The following photograph is of unemployed workers crowded around a shack with a Christmas tree on East 12th Street, New York City, in 1938.


sgt edward good helps friend eat christmas dinner

Here Sergeant Edward Good helps his injured friend eat Christmas dinner during World War II. The above photograph was take in Belgium on 25th December 1944.

4. WWI

german and british soldier share cigarette

A German soldier lights a cigarette for an English soldier on Christmas Eve in 1916, during World War I.

5. The Christmas Truce

christmas truce

The Christmas Truce between Britain and Germany on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 1914 allowed Germany and Britain to place down their weapons and play a game or two of football. Many of the soldiers ventured onto “no man’s land” to chat with one another or to share food and souvenirs during the unofficial ceasefire.

6. The Underground Bomb Shelter

christmas in underground bomb shelter

The above photograph shows women and children celebrating Christmas in an underground bomb shelter in London on 25th December 1940.

7. The Little Boy

little boy clings to soldier father's leg

A little boy clings to his father’s leg who he lifts his wife from the ground. The soldier had returned home for Christmas with his family in 1944.

8. The Great Depression

great depression christmas dinner

Four young children enjoy a Great Depression era Christmas dinner of potatoes, cabbage and pie. The photograph was taken in the home of Earl Pauley in 1936.

9. Air-Raid Shelter

air-raid shelter christmas

A child sleeps in an air-raid shelter that’s adorned by Christmas decorations in 1940.

10. Christmas Couple

west berlin couple wave to family in east berlin

A couple in West Berlin wave to their families behind the wall in East Berlin in Christmas 1961.

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