10 Mind Blowing Facts About the Human Body

The human body is wonderfully complex. There’s so much going on underneath all that skin that helps make up your body. So, to help you learn a little bit more about your anatomy, just take a look at the following 10 mind-blowing facts about the human body.

1. Sense of Smell

sense of smell

image via humannhealth.com

Your senses temporarily switch off when you fall to sleep. In fact, the last thing to wake up when you do is your sense of smell. So, after you’ve taken in your blurry surroundings, heard the nearby noises, you could soon be hit with a great big aroma.

2. Upside Down Eyes

upside down

image via dustyriversphotography.wordpress.com

This one is a shocker! Did you know your eyes see the world upside down? Your brain is so powerful that it corrects your sight for you. Incredible! The eyes also have two retinas, yet we don’t see two distinct images. Why? Because our brains bring the world into focus.

3. Your Voice


image via gigaom.com

Have you ever wondered how the world hears you? Well, all you have to do is cover your left ear and speak. By doing so, you’ll hear how other people hear you.

4. Bacteria


image via www.youtube.com

Are you wanting to shed a little bit of weight. Well you will either be delighted or disgusted to hear that some of your body’s weight is made up of bacteria. 2 kilograms, to be exact.

5. Finger Muscles


image via www.androidcentral.com

Take a look at your fingers. Now ask yourself what they are made up from. Was the answer muscles? Well, if it was, you’re wrong. Fingers do not contain any muscles and are made up of tendons. 10 gold stars to you if you got that one right!

6. Human Saliva


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Your saliva is pretty powerful. It contains opiorphin, which is a protein that is more powerful than morphine! The average human will also produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools in their lifetime. That’s a strong mix we wouldn’t like to take a dip in!

7. Motor Control

motor control

image via chrismeeksgraphicdesigns.wordpress.com

Your hands are pretty incredible – but your eyes are blind to it. They are capable of performing incredible actions, but your eyesight prevents them from reaching their full potential.

8. Unique Scent


image via www.nature.com

You have your own scent! No, we don’t mean you a bottle of perfume or aftershave named after you, we’re talking about your body, which produces a unique smell. Just like a fingerprint, you’ll even have a scent twin.

9. Stomach Lining


image via disney.wikia.com

It’s natural for us humans to blush when we feel embarrassed. In fact, we can’t help but notice our face burn up as we turn a deep shade of red. What you won’t notice is that the lining of your stomach also blushes when your cheeks blush.

10. Human Bite

human bite

image via www.pinterest.com

If you are ever bitten by a zombie, it will almost always become infected. That’s a fact. If you are bitten by a zombie, you will almost always turn into one.

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