10 Most Awkward Family Christmas Photos

Christmas offers the perfect opportunity for loved ones to get together and completely humiliate the whole family – either intentionally or accidentally – in the form of the obligatory festive photographs.

The List Love therefore thought it was about time to take a look at the 10 most awkward family Christmas photos out there.

1. Flip the Bird

funny Christmas photos

If you ever want to find yourself on the Naughty List in a flash, all you have to do is head to a grotto and say “fuck you, Santa!” – which is basically what this little girl is doing. Her sister doesn’t look too innocent, either!

2. Naughty List

naughty Christmas photos

Speaking of the Naughty List, if there’s definitely one lady that wants to be on there, it’s this leather-clad lovely above. How can Santa deliver presents with all those whips and chains?

3. Coconut Christmas

awkward Christmas photos

Heading off to a tropical location this Christmas but need a theme for your Christmas card? Why not whip out the coconuts? Because that wouldn’t be weird at all…

4. No Peeping!

weird Christmas photos

Santa Claus is on his way – and that means no peeping! However, these festive friends took things a little too far by keeping their eyes closed all over the Christmas holiday!

5. Father Clothes-less

odd Christmas photos

Nothing quite says merry Christmas quite like your Dad taking all of his clothes off for the annual family photo, does it?

6. Jolly Holly Christmas

weird Christmas photos

Sometimes Santa Claus gets tired of bringing the old festive staple gifts, like trains, bikes and Barbie dolls, and so likes to throw in some massive guns every now and then.

7. Love Bacon

awkward Christmas images

Love bacon? Love your children? Love Christmas? Dress your children up as pieces of bacon at Christmas. Mind – blown!

8. Sisterly Love

funny Christmas images

Christmas is the time to show our families just how much they mean to us – that’s until they stand in the way of our presents, and then it is game over!

9. Happy Holidays

awkward Christmas photographs

There’s nothing like a festive photo to bring people together, or pull you apart!

10. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

awkward christmas images

This photo has the movie Misery written all over it! We wonder how many times he tried to escape these crazy-eyed woman before they brought in the dog.

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