10 Odd Facts About Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy is one of the most notorious serial killers of all time, admitting to the rape and violent murder of over 30 women during 1974 to 1978; however, the true total is unknown. He was both a serial killer, rapist, kidnapper and necrophile, and died by electric chair in Raiford Prison in Starke, Florida on 24th January, 1989.

1. Court Marriage

Carol Ann Boone

Ted Bundy viewed himself as a adept lawyer, despite no legal degree, and represented himself in court. He took advantage of a rather odd Florida law that a marriage declaration in court, in the presence of a judge, constituted as a legal marriage, and therefore called Carol Ann Boone as a character witness and married her whilst she was on the witness stand.

Carol Boone was adamant of Bundy’s innocence, and went on to give birth to Bundy’s daughter. However, she divorced him once she realised he was guilty of the despicable crimes.

2. The Muse

Ted Bundy mugshot

Bundy fell in love Stephanie Brooks, a class mate he met at the University of Washington, and the pair were briefly engaged in 1973. However, she later broke his heart. All of Bundy’s victims are believed to look similar to Stephanie, as they all were white females between the age of 15 to 25, were college students and mostly from middle-class backgrounds. They also had long, straight dark brown hair with a part in the middle, just like Stephanie.

3. Child Rescue

child by lake

Ted Bundy shown he had a human side in 1970, when a three-year-old boy, who had wandered away from his parents, fell into Seattle’s Green Lake. Bundy reportedly quickly jumped into the water and rescued the child.

4. Pornography

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy believed the motive behind most of his killings was due to an intense fascination with pornography, and claimed that every serial killer he has ever met had also shared the same problem. He claims that he may never have committed the horrific crimes if it wasn’t for his absorption in pornography.

5. The Green River Killer

The Green River Killer

Ted Bundy was, weirdly, on the side of the law during his time in prison, and offered a serial killer’s perspective to help the police catch The Green River Killer. The serial killer was found and is now known as Gary Ridgeway.

7. Kidnap

Bundy in court

Bundy would exploit his handsome looks and charisma to win the trust of females. He would often approach them in public places, feigning a disability or injury, or would impersonate an authority figure. He would then kidnap his victims.

8. Mementos

Ted Bundy in court

Ted Bundy is thought to have decapitated 12 of his victims, and would often keep some of the severed heads in his apartment for a long period of time. The last member of his legal defense team, Attorney Polly Nelson, aptly described Bundy as “the very definition of heartless evil”. Bundy even described himself “the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you’ll ever meet”.

9. Escapes

Ted Bundy reading

As Ted acted as his own attorney, he was excused by the judge from wearing leg shackles and cuffs. During recess, he asked for the court’s permission to visit the courthouse law library to research his case. Hidden by a bookcase, Bundy opened a window and jumped from the second story, spraining his right ankle. He shed the outer layer of his clothing and walked through Aspen, later hiking southward onto Aspen Mountain. Here he broke into a hunting cabin and stole clothing, food and a rifle. He soon became lost in the forest and wandered aimlessly around, missing two trails that would have led to his desired destination. After six days as a fugitive, two police officers noticed a car weaving in and out of its lane and pulled it over, inside the vehicle was Ted Bundy.

He made a second escape once he returned to prison, as he sawed a hole that was one square foot wide in the corner of his cell’s ceiling, and managed to squeeze through the small space on 23rd December 1977 after losing 35 pounds. He piled books and files under a blanket to replicate his body. During his escape from prison, he killed 21-year-old Margaret Bowman, and significantly injured four other women. He wasn’t caught by the police until 15th February 1978.

10. Christmas Card

Ted Bundy Christmas card

Ted Bundy wrote  Christmas cards one month and four days before his execution by electric chair. Two cards signed by Bundy went for sale at $4,999.99 and £3,000, and were written on 19th and 20th December 1988. One card reads, “God Bless you, Peace Ted”.

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