10 of the Best Matches Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has different personalities and some people think this is based on the particular zodiac sign that you were born under. They also think that you can determine the perfect relationship match for yourself by knowing which sun sign you work best with. And there is some truth to this!

Suns signs help you to understand the main personality of your significant other or crush. If you’re someone who is interested in astrology and believes love is written in the stars then keep reading to find out 10 of the best matches zodiac sign partnerships.

1. Cancer & Taurus 

This is one of the best matches zodiac sign couples for a few different reasons.

Firstly, Cancers are governed by the element of water, which means that they are very in touch with their feelings and emotions. This is primarily how they navigate through the world. Tauruses, on the other hand, are governed by the earth element and use their physical senses to move in the world.

These two signs help to balance each other by lending their ways of maneuvering in the world to their partner. They also have another thing in common- home. Both signs value building homes and family life.

This would be important for future plans if things were to become more serious.

2. Aquarius & Sagitarrius 

Although they are different elements (air and fire), both of these best match zodiac sign partners are quite similar in some of their values. One thing they share in common is freedom. Aquarius loves to be an individual and self-governing is important to them. It helps to have a partner who is not too clingy and overbearing.

Sagitarrius is full of excitement for life and adventure. They are lovers of traveling, exploration, and learning. Both of these signs value not feeling tied down in their relationship and will, more than likely, respect each other’s need for personal space and independence. 

3. Aries & Capricorn

Talk about hot and cold. This match may seem a little opposite at first but the old quote, “opposites attract”, definitely rings true with this pair. Aries is a firecracker who can be impulsive yet exciting. While Capricorn is extremely grounded, hardworking and patient. 

The two can learn a lot from each other when it comes to living life. Aries can lend some of its energy and enthusiasm to Capricorn. And Capricorn can teach Aries a thing or two about slowing down and thinking about decisions before they dive head first into a situation. This could really work well if both people are open to taking help from the other.

4. Scorpio & Pisces

There may be a lot of emotions in this relationship – a whole lot. Both, Scorpio and Pisces, are water element signs. And this may seem like an overload of feelings but they will be able to fully understand each other and spend less time explaining themselves in the relationship. 

These signs are naturals at being empathetic and will be able to communicate similarity. In general, Scorpio and Pisces can have a mutual understanding of each other and are sensitive enough to pay attention to the smallest shifts in their significant other’s emotional states and moods. 

5. Virgo & Capricorn

One of the best matches zodiac sign couples is Virgo and Capricorn. They share common ground in regards to not being primarily driven by their emotions, which makes it easy for them to focus on their goals and aspirations. And trust, these two signs are all about goals.

They both work hard and appreciate a partner who is mature and intelligent. Virgo will do well with helping Capricorn manage all the money they make and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Both signs value trust and security so the relationship can definitely be built on a firm foundation.

6. Libra & Gemini

Here’s another air sign combination. Libra is a sign that is highly motivated by all things beautiful. Libra loves being in love and is easy-going and diplomatic. They love a partner who is looking for excitement. Gemini is humorous and interesting, which is attractive to Libra.

Both signs love to socialize and look forward to a good time. Gemini and Libra will spend time being naturally charming to their significant other. They may both be quick changing and need to switch things up often but can keep up with each other’s need for variety. 

7. Leo & Cancer

This may not seem like one of the best matches zodiac sign candidates because these signs are technically opposites. Leo is governed by the sun and Cancer is governed by the moon so you can say they are literally like day and night.

But here’s the thing- Leo’s are known for being natural superstars. They love to be the center of attention and often have a need to be admired. Well, Cancer is a natural nurturer and is great at giving their partners lots of love and affection. Leo’s warm personality and big heart will keep Cancer feeling secure and appreciated.

8. Gemini & Aquarius

Making a double-air relationship work may seem a bit difficult at first. But when you think about it, these two signs keep each other on their toes and that’s how they both like it. These signs may both be up for checking their daily horoscope together.

Air governs thoughts, ideas and communication and both, Gemini and Aquarius, are ruled by this element. Geminis are naturally attracted to people who they find interesting and can hold their attention. Aquarius is all about originality, free-thinking and has an eccentric style. These two will have plenty to talk to keep the relationship intriguing. 

9. Taurus & Sagitarrius

Not only may these two be one of the best matches zodiac sign couples, but they may also be great travel partners. Sagitarrius is up for any adventure, which includes traveling the entire world. And Taurus loves of luxury experiences and things, which includes extravagant trips. 

Sagitarrius is very honest and Taurus will appreciate this sense of openness and respect. These two could start out as great friends and grow to have a long-term relationship if both are willing to compromise with their differences along the way.

10. Aries & Scorpio

This is definitely a passionate pair. Aries is a firey ball of energy who is up for almost any challenge. Scorpio is intense and has a lot of depth to their emotions. The two together can be explosive but always exciting.

Aries and Scorpio both love to do things wholeheartedly, which would work for making the other feel acknowledged in the relationship. The intimacy can be great for both of these signs if a trust is built. 

Interested In More Of The Best Matches Zodiac Sign Couples?

It’s true that all relationships have their ups and downs but if you follow tips from this list of the best matches zodiac sign suggestions then you may luck up really quickly. The most important part is to learn yourself and your partner to help the relationship reach its best potential.

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