10 Pretty Woman Facts to Make You Almost Pee Your Pants

Pretty Woman is arguably the best chick-flick ever made – even if it is about a prostitute. Girls all over the world pick up this movie time and time again, and it really is hard to believe that it’s 24 years old. Here are 10 facts that we like better than Pirates in Penzance…

1. La Traviata


Remember the opera Vivian and Edward watch? It is called La Traviata and is about a prostitute who falls in love with a wealthy man. What a coincidence!

2. The Piano

Piano scene

The piece Edward plays on the piano was actually performed and composed by Richard Gere. Handsome and musical!

3. Before Richard Gere


Before Richard took on the role as Edward, Al Pacino and Sylvester Stallone were offered the role. Meg Ryan also turned down the role of Vivian!

4. Tickly Feet


In order to make Julia Robert’s laugh more natural when she watch I Love Lucy, the director tickled her feet off camera.

5. $3,000


Pretty Woman was nearly called $3,000, as that was the amount Vivian was paid for her company that week. However, they changed the title because, for some reason, the audience thought the movie was about a hooker on the moon. Okay…

6. Director’s Daughter

Kathleen Marshall

Gary Marshall, the director, gave his daughter a role in the hit movie. She plays the front desk receptionist at the hotel.

7. Broken Molar

Edward and Stuckey

You cannot help but fall in love with Edward even more when he fires Stuckey, and if you look closely you’ll notice Richard Gere’s tongue is moving around his mouth. That’s because a crown was knocked off his molar in the scene.

8. Happens All the Time

Slippery Little Suckers

When Vivian has a business dinner with Richard and his competitors, she flings a snail across the room, which is caught by the waiter who says: “it happens all the time”. The director thought it would be a funny idea to cast the same actor with the same line in The Princess Diaries.

9. Informed Acting

Vivian from Pretty Woman

In order to prepare for the role of prostitute Vivian, Julia Roberts spent two weeks at a free clinic on Hollywood Boulevard.

10. Spot the Mistake


After spending their first night together in Edward’s penthouse, Julia picks up a croissant for breakfast, but when they cut back to her she is eating a pancake, and has taken two bites. That’s not all – when they cut back again, she has only taken one bite.

Have we made you want to watch Pretty Woman all over again? We thought so. Looking for more movie facts? Have a gander at 10 Goodfellas Facts You Should be Reading.

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