10 Science Mysteries Yet to Be Solved

Scientists have made ground-breaking discoveries over the years, but there are many mysteries that are simply unexplainable. Here are 10 science mysteries yet to be solved.

1. Explosive Stars


Big stars end the course of their lives in a gigantic explosion when they run out of fuel, this is otherwise known as a supernova. The blasts are so bright they can temporarily outshine entire galaxies. While scientists have undertaken extensive research, using modern technologies, the reason behind the explosions are still unknown. Scientists now aim to find out what exactly happens inside a star before it ignites into a supernova.

2. The Universe

universe reionization

The Big Bang theory states cosmos started its life approximately 13.7 million years ago as a hot, dense point, but scientists have been unable to figure out how it underwent an age of re-ionization – which occurred when the universe’s hydrogen gas fog cleared and became translucent to ultraviolet light for the very first time.

3. Cosmic Rays

cosmic rays

Cosmic rays are energetic particles from deep in outer space that flow into our solar system. Astronomers have had difficulty identifying the origin of the charged subatomic particles, and so it remains a mystery.

4. The Solar System

solar system

Our solar system has scientists across the world scratching their heads, as there’s no simple explanation about how planets are formed or why they have unique characteristics. Research is continually undertook to identify planets’ similar patterns, which may help solve one of Earth’s greatest mysteries.

5. The Sun’s Corona

sun's corona

The Sun’s corona, the aura of plasma that surrounds the Sun and other celestial bodies, has a temperature of 10.8 million degrees Fahrenheit. What’s baffling solar physicists is how the sun manages to reheat its corona.

Research suggests there is a link between the energy beneath the visible surface and the sun’s processes in its magnetic field. The mechanics, however, are still unknown.

6. The Speed of Light

speed of light

There’s nothing faster than the speed of light – or is there? New evidence suggests that dark energy may actually be a lot faster. If the Big Bang model is correct, the universe has expanded a lot quicker than the speed of light from when the cosmos started infancy. While the mystery is yet to be solved, we’re now a lot closer to finding the answer.

7. Black Birds

black birds falling from the sky

Thousands of black birds randomly fell from the sky in Arkansas, USA, back in 2011. Many blamed fireworks, but the same thing happened again not long after, disproving the fireworks theory.

Soon after, thousands of fish turned up dead in the same state. No official explanation has ever been given about these odd events, despite numerous theories. Was it a coincidence or is there something more to it?

8. Moon Illusion

moon illusion

A moon illusion happens when the moon appears much lower in the sky than usual, making the lunar planet look bigger. Some have suggested it is an atmospheric effect, but this theory has since been debunked. Scientists have been unable to offer any explanation about this mysterious phenomenon.

9. The Mpemba Effect

mpemba effect

What if we told you that boiling water can freeze faster than cold? You’d probably call us mad, but it might just be the case. In 1969. a scientist called Mpemba proved that boiling water can turn to ice a lot faster than cold water. The Mpemba effect has led to scientists trying to find answers to their many questions, but no official explanation has ever been agreed on.

10. The Extinction of the Megafauna


No scientist has ever been able to give an explanation about the extinction of some Megafauna – large animals, such as the Woolly Mammoth, that once walked planet Earth. The Megafauna became extinct tens of thousands of years ago, but no-one really knows why.

There are two possible answers: overhunting by man or climate change. Overhunting, however, would result in archaeological evidence – which there is very little. The only reason why climate change is a possible answer is because there is little evidence for any other explanation. What do you think?

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