10 Spooky Photographs to Make You Believe in Ghosts

We here at The List Love adore a good spooky photograph every now and then. As Halloween is fast approaching, we thought we’d be nice and scare the life out of you with 10 spooky photographs to make you believe in ghosts.

1. Worstead Church

Worstead church ghost

Peter Berthelot took this photograph of his wife praying in Worstead Church, Norfolk, England, in 1975. Little did he know she wasn’t alone.

2. The American Civil War

american civil war ghost

This photo was taken during the American Civil War. The person in the image is believed to be the ghost of a dead soldier, who is walking up the basement stairs.

3. The Dying Man

dying man ghost

This image was taken just hours before the man in the photo took his final breath. Mysterious orbs appeared around his body in the shot, which many believe were spirits.

4. Fire Girl

fire girl ghost

Tony O’Rahilly took photographs of Wem Town Hall in England burning to the ground back in 1995. He only spotted the image of a young girl when the photos were developed. No-one recalled seeing a young girl in the building as it burnt to the ground. Many believe she is Jane Churn, who died in a fire in the same town in 1977.

5. Lord Combermere

Lord Combermere

The above photograph was taken in the library of Combermere in 1891. Look closely and you will see what appears to be a man sitting in an armchair. Family members later identified the ghostly apparition as Lord Combermere, and his funeral was taking place just miles away when the photo was taken.

6. Newby Church

newby church ghost

The above photograph looks a little fake, doesn’t it? Well, it actually might not be. It was taken by Reverend K. F. Lord in Newby Church, North Yorkshire, England, in 1963, and photo experts have claimed that the rather bizarre looking spirit is not a result of double exposure.

7. The Ghost of Walter

the ghost of walter

Robert A. Ferguson is a spiritualist who was speaking in Los Angeles, California, USA, on 16th November 1968 when the above photo was taken. He believed the ghostly spirit behind him is his brother, who died in 1944 during World War II. It was taken with a Polaroid camera, meaning double exposure is very unlikely.

8. SS Watertown

SS Watertown ghosts

Back in 1924, SS Watertown was en route to the Panama Canal from New York City. Tragically, James Courtney and Michael Meehan were killed by gas fumes in a freak accident when cleaning the ship’s cargo tank. Days after their deaths, crew members started to see the faces of two men in the water that were following the ship.

The captain took five photographs of the men in the water, but the faces only appeared in one of the images.

9. The Ghost Behind the Wall

ghost behind the wall

The above photograph was taken in Highfield, Southampton, England, by the uncle of the child in the image. If you look closely, you’ll see a face peering over the wall. Now that is truly scary!

10. The Ghost in the Window

ghost in the window

At first glance this just looks like a normal house, right? Nothing unusual here. But if you look a little further, you will see…

ghost in the window

… the ghost of a girl in the window. It was taken in Ohio in May 2008 by the homeowner’s son. The owner stated she had experienced strange activity from time to time. The image was sent to Kodak, who confirmed the photograph was genuine and untouched.

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