10 Tips for Starting a Fan Website for Your Favorite Celebrity

Have you been looking for a way to show your favorite celebrity some love? Do you want to go beyond following them on Instagram and Facebook?

If you want to celebrate your favorite celebrity and connect with other fans, establishing a fan club is a great approach to take.

In order to find people who want to join your fan club, it helps to also have a fan website.

Read on for some tips that will help you put together the perfect website for your celebrity idol.

1. Provide Information About Them

When you first start constructing your fan website, it might be tempting to only include obscure, little-known pieces of information about your favorite celebrity.

There’s plenty of room to share these surprising facts or that shocking statistic.

Remember, though, that a lot of people are probably going to visit your site with the intent of learning the basics about your favorite celebrity.

Feature surprising pieces of information, but include the basics as well. Tell their story and help people get educated on where this celebrity came from and what they’re all about.

2. Include Great Images

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a good picture of your favorite celebrity is worth a lot more.

Make sure you’re featuring high-quality images on your website. This will make it more eye-catching and will help to legitimize your site.

People will be much more inclined to hang around and visit your site again if you have clear, easy-to-see photos on display. 

3. Don’t Forget About Copyrights

Whenever you start constructing a fan website or any kind of content associated with a celebrity, you need to think about copyrights.

You might be a major fan, but that doesn’t give you the freedom to use material related to them without permission.

Give credit to photographers when you’re sharing images of your favorite celebrity. Avoid using images that prohibit reproduction and publication, too.

Don’t put any content on your website that is available to download (such as videos or songs) without getting permission, either. If you do any of these things, you could be penalized and your site could be taken down.

4. Add a Forum or Chatroom

When designing a website for your fan club, it helps to include a place where visitors can connect with other fans.

Consider setting up a forum or chatroom as part of your website. That way, like-minded people can come together easily and use your site to connect and bond over their shared love of your favorite celebrity.

There are lots of apps connected to online website builders that make it easy for you to add a forum or chatroom to your website. 

5. Follow the Five-Second Rule

This five-second rule has nothing to do with a piece of food you’ve dropped on the floor. Instead, it has to do with the amount of time it takes people to make a decision about your website.

Ideally, within five minutes of accessing your site, visitors will know where they want to go next or what they want to do.

Make sure your site is well-organized so that people can make these decisions quickly and don’t click away because they’re unsure of the site’s purpose.

6. Make it Readable

The content on your site needs to be easy to read, too.

Make sure you’re using an easily readable font that is large enough for people to see on any size of screen. Use contrasting colors, as well. That way, the text will stand out on the page and be easy to see.

You don’t want anyone squinting or straining their eyes just to see what’s on your site!

7. Make it Mobile-Friendly

These days, more than half of all internet searches take place from a mobile device.

Think about the people who will access your site via a smartphone or tablet and make sure it is set up to accommodate them.

Having a mobile-friendly site makes it easier for people to access it and will increase the likelihood that they’ll come back in the future.

8. Keep it Simple 

The simpler your website is, the better.

Websites that are too cluttered and are full of text or images are difficult to navigate and overwhelming for the user. If you want people to come back to your website in the future, try to be as minimalistic as possible.

Remember, too, that simple websites tend to look more professional and credible. People will view your site and your fan club in a more serious way if you keep this in mind as you design your website.

9. Consider the Layout

Think about the organization and layout of your website, too.

In order to create a website that people want to visit again and again, you need to think about how it’s organized. Visitors should be able to find their way from one place to another without having to do a lot of clicking or guesswork.

The layout should be intuitive and easy to navigate. Have several people test your website to make sure this is the case. Don’t forget about the five-second rule, either!

10. Remember to Promote Your Site

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to share your site and promote it online. How else are people going to know it exists? 

Social media is one of the most powerful tools you can use to promote your site and get people to start following it.

At the very least, you ought to create a Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram profile that corresponds to your website. That way, people can keep up with your website and your latest postings no matter where they are.

A strong social media presence helps with search engine optimization (SEO), too. This, in turn, will help people to find your website in a more organic way.

Make Your Fan Club Official Today

The sooner you’re able to create a great fan website for your favorite celebrity, the sooner your fan club will feel more legitimate and start attracting more people.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have a much easier time putting together a website that people actually what to visit. 

Do you need more help designing your website? What about promoting it online?

Social media is a great tool for getting the word out about your fan website, and we’ve got lots of articles that will teach you what you need to know about it.

Start with this article on important Facebook facts today.

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