10 Unbelievable Acts You Need to Read

There are people in the world who are far too kind, cunning or brave. Here are 10 unbelievable actions that are either incredibly generous, exceptionally brave or ridiculously sneaky.

1. The German General

German General Erwin Rommel

German General Erwin Rommel was unfortunate enough to find himself behind allied lines on several occasions. He once ended up in an allied field hospital, which was low on supplies. Instead of fleeing the scene or being attacked by the enemy, his life was saved when he promised to return with medical supplies.

It would have been so easy for General Rommel to leave the scene, proud of his quick-thinking; however, he proved to be a man of his word and returned with the promised medical supplies.

He was also implicated in the plot to overthrow Hitler.

2. The Con Artist

Steven Russell

Steven Jay Russell proved what an excellent con artist he really is when he managed to foil an amazing escape plan from a maximum security prison. He used fake laxatives to fake AIDS symptoms, and then called the prison, pretending to be a doctor, asking for prisoners interested in an experimental treatment. He volunteered for the experiment, obviously, and once he left Texas, he sent death certificates to the prison stating he had died. You can watch his story in the movie I Love You, Philip Morris.

His plan, however, didn’t work, and he is now serving a 140-year sentence. Nice try, Steven.

3. Sergeant Bennie Adkins

Sergeant Bennie Adkins

During the Vietnam War, Sergeant Bennie Adkins’s camp came under heavy enemy fire; however, instead of hiding from the attack, he manned a mortar position for two days without sleep. Over the course of the two days, Sergeant Adkins was wounded 18 times, avoided the NVA in the dense Vietnam jungles, survived an encounter with a man-eating tiger, escaped NVA patrols, and managed to return to position to contact rescue to escape with his life. He was credited with killing 145 enemy soldiers in his 86-hour battle.

4. Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd

Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd

Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd proved that all Great Depression-era gangsters weren’t all bad. The notorious bank robber became a public treasure when he would destroy mortgage papers in the banks he robbed, freeing many of the bank’s clients from debt.

5. Keith Lovegrove

car theft

Back in 2002, Keith Lovegrove witnessed his car being stolen, and so jumped a fence and sprinted after it. In a bid to stop the thief, he lept through the air and clung onto the car’s bumper for 200 metres. He managed to open the car’s boot, and as the car hit a speedbump, he used the vehicles momentum to somersault himself inside. Keith burst through the backseat and placed the thief in a headlock before dragging him out of the car. Unfortunately the thief hit Keith in the face and managed to escape.

What makes this story even more remarkable is that Keith Lovegrove was a 54-year-old ex-soldier and was officially registered as disabled.

6. Harris Rosen

Harris Rosen

Harris Rosen, a self-made millionaire, gave a Florida neighbourhood free childcare and scholarships to all high school graduates. The graduation rate in the area rose from 25% to 100% and it helped to cut crime in half.

7. The Panda Researcher

the panda researchers

A panda researcher in China wears a Panda costume so a little panda doesn’t feel so lonely after losing her mother. The panda is just four months old in the picture above, and is the first captive giant panda to be raised in a natural setting with no sight of humans.

8. The Youth Triathlon

Lucas and Noah

8-year-old Noah dreamt of competing in the local youth triathlon, but refused to do so unless he could bring his six-year-old brother Lucas along. As Lucas was born with Lissencephaly, a rare brain malformation, he was confined to a wheelchair.

Noah trained for three months so he could push his brother, who weighed 40lbs and the chair 50lbs, and built up his endurance so they could make it through all three stages. As the picture above proves, Noah and Lucas successfully completed the triathlon.

9. Anthony Cymerys

Anthony Cymerys

82-year-old Anthony Cymerys, a barber, visits a local park in Hartford every Wednesday with a chair, pair of clippers and a car battery to charge the clippers. He then gives haircuts to the homeless. He doesn’t charge them a fee and all he asks for is a hug.

10. Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh

Jim Cummings, the voice of Winnie the Pooh, regularly calls sick children in hospital and talks to them in the voice of the well-loved character.

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