10 Unusual Gift Ideas For Your Mom This Christmas

Your Mom should be on top of your Christmas shopping list this year. It’s the perfect time to show her how much she means to you and that you’re grateful for all that she does for you. Instead of choosing the same gifts you choosing every year, why not go for something more unique. Here’s a list of unusual gift ideas you should consider buying your Mom this holiday season.

1. Something Funny

Peter Kay

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Buy your Mom something to make her laugh this Christmas and you’ll get some serious daughter/son points. Why not try a funny book about cats or an oversized wine glass. Better yet why not get tickets to see her favourite comedian or comedy show.

2. Something Useful


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Useful gifts that can be used on a daily basis are a great idea for Christmas. Take a look at 1800scales for a new set of scales for your Mom. Or why not buy her a new kitchen appliance like a microwave or an oven hood. She will appreciate that you have made her life a bit easier and made her home more functional.

3. Something to Keep

Family mementos

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Memories are something we all hold dear. Why not buy a decorative photo album and fill it family photographs. Or buy a sturdy memory box that she can put her favourite trinkets, cards and photos in instead. It is lovely for your Mom to spend Christmas day reminiscing about family vacations and special occasions.

4. Something to Look Forward to


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Planning a road trip or weekend break will be something your Mom can look forward to. You can choose a festive destinationto fill your Mom with Christmas cheer. Or plan a week in the sunshine for next year in a location she’s always wanted to visit. On a smaller scale, you can plan a road trip that revisits places you used to visit with your family when you were a child.

5. Something Musical


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If your Mom is a music fan, buy her tickets to see her favourite artist in concert. Again this is something she will spend a lot of time looking forward to. Or why not buy her an iPod and fill it full of music and artists that you know she loves.

6. Something Sporty


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Buy your Mom some new sports gear if she enjoys spending her free time at the gym. This could be some new trainers, a gym bag or some weights. You might need to find out what her favourite sporting activity is or maybe she wants to try something new out. That way it will be easier for you to tailor your present to suit the sport or training activity.

7. Something to Do with Baking


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If your Mom loves nothing more than baking cupcakes or cookies, you need to buy her a baking gift. Try a set of baking recipe books or buy her some top quality baking accessories. This could include cookie cutters, baking trays and cupcake moulds. Or buy her a cake stand to really showcase her baked creations.

8. Something to Do with Technology


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Is you Mom wanting to get into the world of technology? Why not treat her to a tablet and have it already set up for her on Christmas day. That way she can get surfing the web instantly.

9. Something to Help Her Meet New People


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Enrol your Mom in a class that interests her, such as dancing, painting, yoga etc. She will adore being able to learn new skills and make new friends that share her interests and hobbies with her.

10. Something to Do with Her Favourite Movie

People Watching Movie in Movie Theatre

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Think about your Mom’s all time favourite movie and create a movie treat box for her. This can include posters from the film, popcorn, slippers and a DVD of the film. That way she can spend a cosy night in with you and you can enjoy the film together.

These gifts should have given you some new ideas of what to buy your Mom this Christmas. Just think about what she enjoys doing and how you can add to her enjoyment. That way you can’t go wrong!

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