10 Ways to Add Personality to Your Home

Your home is your haven – a place where you can relax, unwind and forget about the world. It makes sense to have a home that reflects your personality. Incorporating your personal taste and style into a home can be a daunting task, but the tips outlined below are sure to get you started right away.

1. Throw some colour around

Contrasting home decor

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Your favourite hues are a reflection of your individuality. One easy, inexpensive way to spread some colour around is to pile some pretty cushions, throws or pillows on the seats. Choose items with different patterns and textures to add character and interest.

2. Experiment with light fixtures

Chandelier home decor

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Make a bold statement with lighting by installing bespoke chandeliers or pendant lights in your hallways, living room or kitchen. Alternatively, decorate table and floor lamps to add more style to your rooms.

3. Add interesting wallpaper

Colourful bedroom

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Your home’s walls provide the perfect canvas for you to play with. Adding wallpaper is a fantastic way to instantly inject colour, pattern and texture to previously dull and drab walls. Be brave and select bright, punchy hues and vibrant patterns to act as a backdrop for the rest of the room.

4. Incorporate unique furniture pieces

Photo wall

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Scouring junk yards and thrift shops can yield unique pieces of furniture to serve as statement pieces for your home. Alternatively, you can repurpose and reupholster existing furniture to give it a new look and feel.

5. Invite nature into your home

plants home decor

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Indoor plants and flowers can breathe new life into a home. Choose your favourite flowers and display them in pretty crystal vases and glasses. You can also grow your own assortment of flowers or plants in window boxes and pots.

6. Share your travels

Travel bookcase

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Instead of locking away all those souvenirs you collected on your travels, why not share them with others? Turn a cabinet or bookshelf into a travel display and show off any postcards, photos, sculptures or artefacts you have gathered over the years.

7. Accessories

vintage clock

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If you are a collector, instil a personal touch to your home by displaying your treasures. Vintage clocks, ceramic ornaments and other decorative items can all be arranged to capture the attention of visitors and act as conversation starters.

8. Dress your windows

unusual curtains

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When it comes to dressing your windows, go for something that resonates with your individuality. Select drapes, curtains or shutters that complement the room while adding a bit of your personal flair.

9. Design a photo wall

photo wall

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Nothing can infuse personality to your home more than some photos. Select your favourite photos of places and/or people and have them either printed or blown up according to your taste. You can then choose suitable frames to match.

10. Hang up some artwork

Children's art home decor

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A great alternative to putting up photos is hanging up artwork. To make it even more special, invite your children to create their best masterpieces. Then mat, frame and exhibit their creations in a prominent space. Giving these precious works of art pride of place in your house is guaranteed to leave you happy and smiling, whenever you enter your home.

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