15 Unique Things to do on Date Night That You’ll Both Enjoy

According to a survey, 45 percent of couples admitted they rarely go out on date nights. Only 18 percent said they manage to go out once a month.

Fortunately for that 18 percent, they’re the group most likely to stick together. Another study showed that couples who managed to dedicate one evening a month for date night lasted longer than other couples.

Don’t let the romance fizzle out!

With these 15 creative things to do on date night, you can keep your relationship going strong. Try one out for your next date night and feel the love.

1. Get Wild

Rekindle the spark in your relationship by getting a little wild. 

Instead of your regular dinner at home, break out of your shell with a few unexpected date night ideas. Here are a few things to do on date night that will fuel fun and excitement in any couple:

  • Bungee jumping
  • Go-karting
  • Helicopter rides
  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Visit a shooting range

These date night ideas will get your heart pumping and add a flare of zeal into your relationship.

2. Get Athletic

As cozy as it is to cuddle up together on the couch, getting a little sunshine and vitamin D can do you both good. Instead of staying in, take your next date night outside.

For a few athletic date night ideas, try hiking or rock climbing. You can also plan an outdoor picnic to make the most of a sunny day. If you’d rather go out at night, escape the city and take a look at the stars.

In addition to letting you both step outside, these fun date night ideas are a great way to spend a little quality time together. 

3. Sing Your Heart Out

Whether you can belt a tune or remain out of tune, karaoke is a fun way to break away from the mundane.

For your next date night, head out singing. Who knows; you might both head home with a new appreciation for an unexpected genre.

At the very least, you’ll probably have a new tune stuck in your head for a while.

4. Volunteer

If you’re trying to keep your date nights on a budget, why not volunteer instead? Your city likely offers a number of opportunities for local citizens to volunteer and help out. 

You can learn a lot about your significant other based on their willingness to help strangers, too.

5. Get Animalistic

If you’ve considered getting a pet together, why not head out to your local animal shelter? Playing with animals is a great way to bond, relieve stress, and determine whether or not you’re ready to take home a pet.

This is also another opportunity for you both to volunteer and give back to the community.

6. Go on a Train Ride

Couples are 14 percent less likely to break up if they dedicate time for a regular date night.

Instead of cutting your date night short with a meager movie, pack a bag and escape the city. A starlit train ride is a romantic way you can spend time together without distractions cutting your time short. 

7. Laugh Lots

An improv show or comedy night are fun things to do on date night that allow couples to bond over laughter. If you’re brave enough, step onto the stage yourself and give it a try!

You can learn more about clean comedians to get those laughs at your next corporate event or holiday party, too.  

8. Escape

How well do the two of you work together? In an escape room, you can test your knowledge and patience with one another as you try to solve puzzles to escape.

In addition to being a lot of fun, this is a great opportunity for the two of you to work as a team.

9. Get Steamy

No, not in the bedroom! Take a cooking class together to learn something new.

While this is a great learning experience (especially if only one of you cooks), this is also a chance to practice a new dish for your next date night. 

10. Day Trip It

Explore somewhere new and take a day trip together. Check online to see what’s nearby, pack some snacks, fill up the tank, and head out!

11. Get Seasonal

‘Tis the season for something seasonal. If you’re looking for fun date night ideas, check what’s special for this time of year.

Whether it’s ice skating or fruit picking, a seasonal activity can help you make the most of the weather and what’s going on around you.

12. Get Smart

How well do you both know about the world? For your next date night, test your knowledge at a local trivia night.

You might be surprised how much you do (or don’t) know.

13. Feel Younger

Make your next date night a blast from the past. Head to an arcade or try your hand at laser tag.

That way you can feel a little younger (and keep your date night on a budget, too)!

14. Get Your Dancing Shoes

Whether you have two left feet or know how to professionally twerk, consider taking a dance class together. 

If you two haven’t danced since your wedding (or ever), this can be a great opportunity for a fun, romantic experience. Taking a dance class can also help you build your skills (whether it’s for your future wedding or someone else’s!).

15. Reminisce

Recreate your very first date night as a way to reminisce about all the time you’ve spent together. Whether you both went mini golfing or headed to dinner and a movie, these fun date night ideas can help you both reconnect.

You can even revamp on an old idea. For example, instead of dinner and a movie, try a drive-in film and dinner at a new restaurant. 

Can You Feel the Love Tonight: 15 Things to Do on Date Night

Feel the love with these unique ideas! With this creative list of 15 things to do on date night, you can turn your next night out from “why?” into “wow!”

Have fun and let the love blossom.

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