5 Unique Product Ideas for Promotional Branding

You’re working in your office and the mail arrives. You have a package from someone you met at a trade show or an event.

You thought she was a nice enough person, and you wonder what’s inside.

You open the package and roll your eyes. It’s another promotional branding pen, a coffee mug, a t-shirt and a couple of stickers you don’t need.

You can put these giveaways in the pile with other boring promotional gifts you haven’t decided what to do with. Or just throw them in the trash.

This salesperson lost you. 

There’s a message here. The promotional giveaways you send to your prospects are a direct reflection of your company.

Make a Dynamic Impression with a Unique Giveaway

On the other hand, you remember the salesperson who sends you something different. Memorable. Unique.

Maybe you even decide to pick up the phone and thank them because they’ve made an impression.

If you want your brand to make an impression on your clients, send them something unique. In this post, you’ll be introduced to some awesome promotional branding products your sales prospects will love.

5 Unique Promotional Branding Products Your Prospects Will Love

The promotional branding products of the past are so passe. So if you’re thinking of sending an ordinary pen or mug, you need to rethink your promotional branding strategy. 

In 2019 businesses need to get creative. Product giveaways require innovation. This means sending unique promotional branding items that are not only useful but innovative.

As company leaders get younger and more millennials join the labor force, they get more creative. With more millennials as team leaders, companies need to rethink their marketing strategies in totally new ways.

From technology to bright colored branding products that reflect a new era, here are five unique product ideas for promotional branding to make a fantastic impression.

1. Meet the Tech Burrito

The Tech Burrito makes technology practical. We all get tangled up with chords we use for technology: earbuds, phone chargers and all the other chords that constantly need to be untangled.

The Tech Burrito shows off your business’s creativity by helping your prospect solve the problem of twisted technology chords.

This bright-colored imprint reflects your company’s creative thinking and innovation while providing functionality and fun for your customers.

You’ll want one yourself!

Now you and your prospects will organize your technology devices better and wrap up your technology securely until you need your device.

This gift is sure to stand out from droll gifts and provides an excellent way to connect with your potential customers to begin a conversation.

2. Custom Drinking Straws Are Great for the Environment

Custom drinking straws make a great promotional branding giveaway gift for your next event.

And they’re so much better for the environment than plastic straws. Custom drinking straws are eco-friendly and can be used with your prospects favorite beverages.

Your customers and prospects will see the name of your brand while they enjoy an iced coffee and iced lattes in the sun, bottled water and their favorite smoothies and protein drinks.

The great thing about custom drinking straws is that they’re reusable. You won’t have to buy as many and they are recyclable. Your prospect just needs to wash them.

Not only will you make a great impression on your customer, but they’ll also know your company cares about the environment which puts another feather in your cap! 

3. Wearables Devices that Wow

Wearable devices are technology products worn on the body. For example, the Apple watch was probably the first wearable technology products.

But beyond watches, wearable products bring more value than browsing the web.

They monitor your heart, track vital signs and keep you up to date with your health and well being. These health and fitness wearables can alert you to potential health problems.

Some wearables that are on trend and make super promotional branding gifts include earbuds, fitness bands and LED badges.

As tech engineers design new wearable trends, you’ll have more promotional branding options to send.


The prospect who gets your wearable giveaway will know you took the time to be creative.

4. Security Alarm Charging Cable

I love taking my work to a Barnes and Noble, a  coffee shop or plugging in at the library to get things done. These venues offer a relaxing atmosphere to focus on work without having too many office distractions.


On the flipside, when working in public spaces, you have to keep a close watch on your electronic devices so no one steals them.

The Security Alarm Charging Cable provides the ideal solution for keeping your devices charged and safe. Your prospect will only need to attach the device’s adapter to any USB cable and charge your device.

If the device gets disconnected, it will send an audio alarm alert. Put your branded logo on this amazing product and you’ll be on your prospect’s mind when they use this lifesaving gift.

5. Health and Wellness Giveaways

In 2019, health and wellness products are more important to consumers than ever before. Employees often need to do the job of two to three people at work. As a result, stress takes a toll on the body.

People have a dire need to relieve stress due to their busy lives and taxing schedules. They purchase products that relieve stress and anxiety, offer relaxation, and provide peace of mind.

Investing in wellness products offers a unique opportunity for promotional branding opportunities. Here are some wellness items you can put your logo on.

  • Aromatherapy products
  • Scented candles
  • Essential oils 
  • Stress balls
  • Yoga mats
  • Yoga apparel

These promotional branding items give you an opportunity to keep your brand in the minds of your potential customers while they also relieve stress. 

Final Thoughts on Promotional Branding Ideas

Now you know five unique promotional branding ideas to consider.  They’re innovative and different than traditional giveaways and customers love them.

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