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Death Row

10 Last Meals for Death Row Inmates

Many of us most likely won’t know what we’ll have for our last ever meal, but death row inmates have the choice to pick their favourite foods before execution. Here are 10 of the most interesting… 1. Victor Feguer What...

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10 Serial Killer Acts That Will Shock You

Serial Killers are cold, calculated individuals whose main goal in life is to cause others harm. You probably think their acts couldn’t be more shocking or scary, but these unhinged individuals may still surprise you. 1. Rodney Alcala Rodney Alcala...

Death Row

10 Death Row Prisoners and their Last Words

Many of us would like to offer the world a profound message in our last moments, displaying who we were as people or to give a little back to the world before we depart it. Death row prisoners have that...

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The 10 Most Evil Serial Killers in History

We will never truly understand a murderer’s psyche, yet these evil men are nearly as interesting as they are repulsive. Here The List Love takes a look at the 10 most evil serial killers in history. 10. Dean Arnold Corll...

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