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10 GIFs to Make You Drool Uncontrollably

So, you’re on a diet. How’s that going for you? If it’s going great, we recommend you don’t read this article, because your mouth is about to seriously water. If you know you’re about to quit and need a little...

Death Row Dive and Diner

10 Most Unusual Restaurants in the UK

Restaurants makes customers feel as though they’re a world away from their normal lives. There’s no cooking or dirty dishes, and we get waited on hand-and-foot. What could be better? Well, if you really want to feel as though you’re...

oreo cookies

10 Oreo Facts You Didn’t Know

The delicious Oreo is the most popular cookie in the world, with people all over the world twisting, pulling and dunking the creme sandwich biscuit. Launching over 100 years ago, no store is complete without this delicious chocolate delight. If...

Nutella logo

10 Nutty Nutella Facts

Who can resist the lip-smacking creaminess of Nutella? It has to be one the best chocolate treats in the world, right? Right. If you’re a big chocolate fan, read the following 10 Nutty Nutella Facts. 1. Nutella Jars A Nutella...

wine glasses

10 Wine Facts To Make You Dizzy

We all love a nice glass or 5 of wine every once in a while, but how much do you know about this wonderful alcoholic drink? Well, not to worry, as The List Love is kindly offering 10 wine facts...

snake whiskey

10 Most Bizarre Drinks in the World

Many of us love a good beer and it helps that there are so many options available on the market. However, sometimes some breweries take things a little too far. Check out the 10 most bizarre drinks in the world....

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