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Batman Joker

10 Movie Sets That May Have Been Cursed

There are some movie sets that have been more dramatic than their script. Halloween might be over, but the spookiness continues here at The List Love. Here are the 10 most cursed movie sets. 1. The Exorcist image via image via The...

The Exorcist

10 Facts You Don’t Know About The Exorcist

The Exorcist is one of the most controversial movies of all time. The 1974 movie paved the way for shocking horror films that send shivers down a viewer’s spine. With Halloween not long away, we here at The List Love...

The Jigsaw Saw

10 Saw Facts You Must Read

Saw is one of the most ground breaking movies in horror, offering an ending that most don’t see coming. In honour of this remarkable film and Halloween, here are 10 Saw facts you must read. 1. Filming Saw is one...


10 Scream Facts to Make You Do Just That

Scream (1996) is one of the biggest scary movies of all time, and resulted in most people’s blood running cold whenever they heard the telephone ring. As it’s almost Halloween, we thought we’d celebrate the season with 10 Scream movie...

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