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10 Coolest Jobs in the World

Do you have to be stuck in an office all day once you get a job? Of course not! There are some incredible careers out there if you’re adventurous enough to take the first steps towards them. How would you...


10 American Lottery Wins in the United States

The lottery fever seizes the whole world each and every time the American lottery displays peak 9 digits jackpots. Whether it is about Mega Millions or Powerball, the heat is on the moment their prizes go over the $200 million...

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10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Babies

Babies are many things: cute, gross, stressful and funny, in addition to being genuinely fascinating. Their bodies are the same as ours, but work very differently until they become more developed. Given that they can’t speak for themselves, we know...

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10 Coolest Collections on the Planet

So, we’ve shown you the 10 weirdest collections in the world, so we thought it was time we shown you the coolest collections on the planet. These are items that people across the world would love to own. Prepare to...


10 Most Luxurious Hotels in Las Vegas

If you love glitz and glamour, you just have to visit Las Vegas. Offering an electric energy, 24-hour casinos and an abundance of entertainment options, you will fall in love with Sin City’s bright lights along the Strip. If you...

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10 Etiquette Steps to Make You More British

There’s a lot of British stereotypes out there, like we all live in castles and talk in posh accents. That’s not the case. There are, however, some etiquettes that make us fundamentally British. So, if you’re a Brit that wants...

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10 Photos That Show the Best and Worst of Humanity

The following photographs show humanity at its best and worst. Many of the images will touch your heart, whilst others may break it. Warning: Some readers may view the following photographs as distressing. 1. The Black Saturday Bush Fires image via

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10 Biggest Car Enthusiasts

Ever since Karl Benz invented the modern car we know and love today, people across the world have strived to get their hands on the best vehicles in existence. The List Love is taking a look at the 10 biggest...