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Phoebe Buffay

10 Best Phoebe Buffay Moments on Friends

Phoebe Buffay is the queen of the one liners on Friends. We all have our favourites, but no-one can deny that Lisa Kudrow’s Phoebe is one of the most unique characters not just in Friends but on television. For this...

Prison break Michael and Sucre

10 Prison Break Facts that Want to Break Free

Prison Break tells the story of Michael Scofield, a talented engineer, who enters prison with the aim of breaking his innocent brother out. Originally airing in 2005, Prison Break was an incredibly popular TV show that lasted for four seasons,...


10 Mental Mad Men Facts

Mad Men is the show where not a lot happens, yet absolutely everything happens. The show has paved the way for many of the period dramas that now feature so heavily on our TV screens, and offered a style and...


10 Lost Facts that Will Blow Your Mind

Whether you love or hate the Lost ending, you cannot deny that it was a show packed full of surprises and superb imagery. It’s hard to believe that it was 10 years ago that this ground-breaking show first hit our...

Modern Family

10 Modern Family Facts You Must Read Now

It’s hard not to love Modern Family, right? It feels like just yesterday that the show first hit our TV screens – even though it was back in 2009! So, let’s celebrate this genius sitcom with 10 Modern Family facts...

family guy

10 Facts You May Not Know About Family Guy

Family Guy is one of the most controversial cartoons ever to hit our screens, making the likes of South Park look like Little House on the Prairie. We know it’s rude, crude and downright funny, but what else do we...

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