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James Bond

10 Best James Bond Scenes of All Time

James Bond is easily one of the most iconic characters that the silver screen has witnessed, as his ability to get out of tough situations is second to none. The next instalment in a franchise that has run for 23...

Sumo wrestler wrestling child

5 Tips to Increase Competitiveness in the Marketplace

Every business needs a competitive edge in the overcrowded world of small business start-ups. Your business needs to stand out from the crowd, although there are right and wrong ways to achieve this. It’s vital to put together a proper...

Leonardo DiCaprio Django Unchained

10 Fantastic Django Unchained Facts

The title might have your curiosity, but you can guarantee the following facts about Django Unchained will have your attention. Quentin Taratino fans, prepare yourselves, because we’re about to blow your mind. 1. Racial Slurs image via Calvin Candie might be...

David Brent

10 Etiquette Steps to Make You More British

There’s a lot of British stereotypes out there, like we all live in castles and talk in posh accents. That’s not the case. There are, however, some etiquettes that make us fundamentally British. So, if you’re a Brit that wants...

Jacqueline Nyeptipei Kiplimo

10 Photos That Show the Best and Worst of Humanity

The following photographs show humanity at its best and worst. Many of the images will touch your heart, whilst others may break it. Warning: Some readers may view the following photographs as distressing. 1. The Black Saturday Bush Fires image via

barf bag collection

10 Weirdest Collections in the World

Some people count Star Wars or Harry Potter memorabilia; others collect coins or shoes. There are, however, some down-right weird collections out there. And we mean these are strange. We’ve therefore picked the 10 weirdest collections in the world. Some...

Ralph Lauren

10 Biggest Car Enthusiasts

Ever since Karl Benz invented the modern car we know and love today, people across the world have strived to get their hands on the best vehicles in existence. The List Love is taking a look at the 10 biggest...

Jack rose cocktail

10 Best Cocktails You Need to Try

Cocktails can range from sophisticated classics, to bizarre signature drinks. Here are ten you should try: 1. Martini image via The Martini is a classic cocktail that can be made any way you want. It can be made ultra-dry...

Chandelier home decor

10 Ways to Add Personality to Your Home

Your home is your haven – a place where you can relax, unwind and forget about the world. It makes sense to have a home that reflects your personality. Incorporating your personal taste and style into a home can be...