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24 series

10 Facts About the 24 Series, Damn It!

Now that 24 has finally come to an end, we thought we’d celebrate Jack Bauer and the show by providing 10 facts about the 24 series that will figuratively blow your mind!   1. 10 and a Half Months How...


10 Frank Sinatra Facts to Fly You to the Moon

When it comes to music, you don’t get much better than Ol’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra. Here are 10 little-know facts about everyone’s favourite smooth crooner. 1. The Nickname Frank Sinatra was nicknamed “Scarface” as a teenager due to the...

Mean Girls

10 Mean Girls Facts that are So Fetch

It’s hard to believe Mean Girls is over 10 years old. It’s a staple movie in every collection due to its funny one lines and over-the-top characters, which is why we’re taking a look back at one of the funniest...


10 Astronomical Planet Facts

The universe is a vast and wonderful thing. There are so many things we can learn about its planets and environment, but there are some interesting things we do know, including the following 10 facts. 1. The Hottest Planet Most...

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