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Real Monte Carlo Casino

10 Most Incredible Casinos in the World

The casino industry has been evolving for years across the world and with revenues still as strong as ever before gamblers are still flocking to the venues. These days, the casinos themselves form only part of the resorts, with luxury...


10 Origins of Popular Foods

Ever wonder where your favourite foods came from? You’d be surprised to discover the origins behind some of the most popular foods in the world. 1. Hamburgers image via Historians point to Genghis Khan’s army for creating the earliest...


10 American Lottery Wins in the United States

The lottery fever seizes the whole world each and every time the American lottery displays peak 9 digits jackpots. Whether it is about Mega Millions or Powerball, the heat is on the moment their prizes go over the $200 million...

Batman Joker

10 Movie Sets That May Have Been Cursed

There are some movie sets that have been more dramatic than their script. Halloween might be over, but the spookiness continues here at The List Love. Here are the 10 most cursed movie sets. 1. The Exorcist image via image via The...

baby eyes

10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Babies

Babies are many things: cute, gross, stressful and funny, in addition to being genuinely fascinating. Their bodies are the same as ours, but work very differently until they become more developed. Given that they can’t speak for themselves, we know...

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