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The Amityville House

10 Most Haunted Houses in the World

The world is full of so many haunted houses, apparently. Whether you believe in paranormal activity or not, you have to admit these spooky stories are enough to haunt your nightmares – which is why we’re offering the 10 most...

day of the dead

10 Halloween Traditions from Around the World

The United States, South America, Australia, New Zealand and the UK annually celebrate Halloween on 31st October in a similar way, with trick or treating and fancy dress; however, some other countries have their alternative Halloween traditions, so we thought...


10 Terrorific Halloween Facts You Will Love

Halloween is nearly here! So what better way to celebrate the spooky holiday than with these 10 terrorific Halloween facts that you will love from The List Love. 1. Jack-O-Lanterns Pumpkins fill supermarkets all over the world for Halloween. However, Jack-O-Lanterns...