Tarot Readings: 7 Tips For Getting Started with Tarot Cards

Even if you’ve never used a tarot cards, you’ve almost certainly heard of the practice. Whether in horror movies or at sleepovers when you were a teenager, you may have seen tarot decks in use before. But did you know this ancient practice can be a way to help you find guidance in your life?

Tarot is a ritual that dates back to the 18th century but has roots as far back as the 1300s. It can be a great way to seek clarity in your spiritual and emotional life. Read on to learn how to do a tarot reading.

Pick a Deck

The first thing you’ll need to do a tarot reading is a deck of tarot cards. Which deck you use is entirely up to you, and there are dozens to choose from. From simple, minimalistic designs to ornate watercolor paintings, the world of tarot decks is expansive. 

You should choose your tarot deck based on which ones you feel drawn to. Some people say you should be gifted your first deck, but there’s a power in choosing the one that speaks to you. If you already have multiple decks, pick the one that you feel drawn to on that day. 

Choose a Focus

When you sit down to do a tarot reading, you need to choose a focus for the ritual. This can be as broad or narrow as you like, but it should be a specific, stated intention. This will help ensure that your tarot reading is clear and relevant.

Sit down and take a moment to be fully present in the space, setting aside the worries of the day. Pay attention to your emotions, and let the one that is most predominant in your mind rise to the top. Let that emotion guide you as you choose the intention for your reading, and speak the focus aloud before you begin.

Shuffle and Reset

Shuffling the deck is more than just a way to ensure that you don’t get the same reading as the previous time. It is when the ritual of tarot begins, and it allows you to begin to physically connect with the deck. You should be as present and focused on this element of the reading as you should for setting your intention.

As you shuffle, focus on your intention and the feel of the deck in your hands. Be open to any emotions that rise to the surface, but allow them to float away again like a leaf on a river. Shuffle the cards as many times as you need to for them to feel cleared for your reading.

Pick Your Spread

Now, with your intention set and your cards shuffled, it’s time to pick which spread you want to use for your reading. There are a number of options at your disposal for spreads. If you’re interested in learning more about love spreads in particular, check out this useful site.

The three-card spread is one of the most common in tarot, with three cards being drawn and used to answer open-ended questions. You can also use a success spread, which uses five cards and focuses on understanding difficult situations and finding solutions to problems. If you’re feeling lost, try a guidance spread, which uses eight cards to help you find spiritual guidance.

Get a First Impression

Once you have your cards laid out, look over them and take in your first impression. Tarot is very much about listening to your mental, emotional, and spiritual state, and this is the time to let those areas speak. Before you open a reference book, see what your immediate impression of the cards is.

As before, when you were setting your intention and shuffling, allow emotions to rise to the surface naturally. Examine them, and then let them float away as you look at the next card. Make note of any symbols, patterns, colors, or other connections that you notice at this stage.

Look at the Cards and Positions 

With your initial impressions in place, it’s time to start taking a closer look at your cards. The positioning and suit of each of your cards are where the details of your reading come into play. At this point, it may be helpful to have some sort of a tarot reference on hand.

Your tarot deck may have come with a reference book, and if it did, get it out now. Each position in your spread answers a certain aspect of your focus question. Look at the suit in that position and consider how the aspects of that card interact with the question of that position. 

End the Reading

Once you’ve drawn all the information and guidance you feel like you can from your cards, it’s time to end the reading. This may seem like a strange part of the ritual, but it is as important as the other pieces. Rituals are as much about how we approach them as the acts themselves, and ending your reading with intention will lend it more weight.

Take time to thank your cards in whatever form you prefer, be that directly or by carefully placing them back into the deck. Take time before you get up from your table to process your reading, including your emotions and the guidance you received. Focus on gratitude and forward momentum as you place your cards back in their storage place.

Learn More About Tarot Cards

Doing a reading with tarot cards can be a deeply spiritual experience. It provides a space for us to be in touch with our emotions, desires, and intentions, and it can be a great way to decipher solutions to complex issues in our lives.

Think about how this ancient mystical ritual can help you find clarity in your own life.

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