10 Batman Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Most people who read the title probably thought “you gotham be kidding me, I know everything there is to know about Batman”. We can’t even penguin to explain how much we’ve tried to offer facts you’ve never heard of before. Have you we gone Wayne too far on the puns? We thought so.

1. Superman


In the comic books, Superman gave Batman a kryptonite ring, following a series of exciting superhero adventures together. He gave it the caped crusader in case he went rogue and needed someone to stop him. So Batman will always beat Superman.


2. Frank Sinatra


Frank Sinatra was heartbroken when he missed out on the role of The Joker in the TV series. The role went to Cesar Romero.


3. Robin


The Batman and Robin bromance might never have been. Apparently, Robin was only planned to appear in one comic, but he proved so popular that they made him a regular character.


4. Batman’s Secret Identity


Batman really needs to keep his trap shut. Despite the fact his identity is a secret, 9 characters know that he and Bruce Wayne are the same person, including:

• Robin

• His butler, Alfred Pennyworth

• The Penguin’s henchman, Harold

• Superman

• Batgirl

• Azrael, another superhero

• Hugo Strange

• Ra’s Al Ghul

• Bane

Many people also believe that Commissioner James Gordon knows who Batman/Bruce Wayne is.


5. The Original Batman


The Dark Knight wasn’t always so dark. In fact, the original design of his outfit was a far cry for the one we know today, as Bob Kane adorned Batman in a red onesie, a domino mask and bat-like wings. Oh, and a bright blonde hairdo.


6. Turkey


If you ever want to see Batman for yourself, we suggest you head on over to Turkey, as there’s a city there named after the him – or the Batman River nearby. It’s pronounced Batman, and has been known by this name since the 19th Century.


7. Albert Einstein


Why is Batman classed as the biggest and best superhero of all? Because he’s smart. How smart? His IQ is 192, which is above Albert Einstein who reportedly had an IQ between 160 and 180.


8. The Real Batman


Life imitates art, as one guy, who calls himself Captain Jackson, decide to take crime into his own hands when he became tired of local street crime in his home town of Jackson, Michigan, USA. The vigilante reportedly worked closely with law enforcement, and would fight street crime with various community service projects.


9. Gotham City


Bruce Wayne’s hometown was originally planned as New York; however, writer Bill Finger stepped into a New York phone booth and seen the words “Gotham Jewellers” in bold print, and so Gotham City was born.


10. Leonardo da Vinci


Batman’s cape was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machines sketches. Some could therefore call them a work of art.

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