10 Facts to Make You Talk About Fight Club

It is hard to believe that Fight Club first hit movie screens back in 1999, and it just seems to get better with age. If you love the movie just as much as The List Love, you are sure to adore these 10 interesting Fight Club facts.

1. Starbucks

fight club starbucks

David Fincher, the movie’s director, revealed that there is at least one Starbucks cup visible in every scene.

2. Tyler Durden

Tyler Durden before introduction

Tyler Durden flashes on the screen four times before we’re introduced to his character.

3. Bridgeworth Suites

Bridgeworth suites tyler durden

Play close attention to the Bridgeworth Suites advert on the television the narrator is watching, as Tyler Durden appears in the ad.

4.Chipped Tooth

tyler durden chipped tooth

Brad Pitt visited a dentist to have his tooth chipped for the role of Tyler.

5. Marla

marla fight club

Helena Bonham Carter, who plays Marla, insisted that her makeup artist apply makeup using only her left hand, as she believed her character would not care about, or be good, at that sort of thing.

6. The Font

fight club logo

The Font used on the title and the credits is called “Fight This”.

7. The First Punch

narrator hits tyler

In the scene where the narrator first punches Tyler, Edward Norton was originally meant to fake hit Brad Pitt; however, David Fincher told Norton to actually him him just before they filmed the scene. Pitt’s reaction to the punch is real, and you can even see Norton laughing about it.

8. The Phone Number

marla's phone number

Marla’s phone number has featured in a number of other movies, such as Memento, Harriet the Spy and Someone Like You.

9. Bob’s Boobs

bob's boobs fight club

Bob’s boobs were actually made with birdseed to create a convincingly saggy chest. It weighed 100 pounds.

10. The Last Scene

Fight Club flash scene

Blink and you will miss male genitalia flash up in the last scene. It’s just like what Tyle Durden would do when working as a movie projectionist.

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