10 Facts You Don’t Know About the United States of America

America is synonymous with freedom, obesity and patriotism; however, it’s more than that. It’s wonderful, weird and undeniably interesting, which is why The List Love is providing 10 facts you don’t know about the United States of America.

1. Montana


Love cows? Who doesn’t! Montana loves them, too, which is why cows outnumber humans 3 to 1.

2. Cigarettes

child smoking

In America, it is illegal for underage children to buy cigarettes but it is perfectly legal for them to smoke them.

3. Pizza


Approximately 100 acres of pizza are served in the United States alone every single day. 100 acres of pizza! We’d love to walk on that land.

4. Tweets

Tweet archive

Thought that tweet you sent has been forgotten about? How wrong are you as The Library of Congress keeps an archive of every tweet ever tweeted.

5. Poison Beer

prohibition beer

Prohibition was a nationwide constitutional ban on the sale, production, transportation and importation of alcohol, and existed from 1920 to 1933. During those 13 years, much underground beer making and drinking occurred. To punish and catch the culprits, the government poisoned the beer, which led to the death of thousands of people.

6. The Statue of Liberty

the statue of liberty

The Statue of Liberty in New York, which was given as a gift from France, is synonymous with hope, freedom and liberty. The seven rays on the crown of the Statue of Liberty also represent the seven continents, and measure up to 9 feet in length, weighing a whopping 150 pounds.

7. The Dollar Bill

spider in the dollar bill

There are all sorts of hidden images on the US one-dollar bill, including a spider that’s hiding in the upper right-hand corner.

8. The Pilgrims

the pilgrims

Around 35 million US citizens share DNA with at least one of the 102 pilgrims who arrived aboard the Mayflower back in 1620.

9. Balloon Bombs

Balloon bomb

During World War II, the Japanese sent bombs aboard balloons. Approximately a dozen landed, causing damage to US land and killing an Oregon family in 1944. What’s even scarier is that there could be more of the undiscovered bombs still on US ground.

10. The Star-Spangled Banner

star spangled banner US flag

The Star-Spangled Banner song was born when Francis Scott Key witnessed the British deploy the first rockets in America during an attack on Fort McHenry in 1812. It is now the United State’s of America’s national anthem.

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