10 Little-Known Michael Jackson Facts

Michael Jackson was one of the biggest music talents the world has ever seen, and his legacy will live on long beyond his years. While we all know so much about the man known as the King of Pop, there is so much more many of us don’t know. Take a look at these little-known facts about Jacko.

1. The Biggest Recording Contract Ever


Michael Jackson received the biggest recording contract ever – 9 months after he passed away. His estate signed a deal with Sony Records to give the company access to his complete unreleased recordings for $250 million. 10 albums will have been released by the record company by 2017.

2. The Businessman


Underneath Michael’s sweet nature lied a shrewd business mind. Back in 1985, he bought the rights to The Beatles 250 backlogged songs that were penned by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. This business move ultimately led to a feud between him and McCartney, as the Fab Four member wrote numerous letters to the King of Pop to stop the sale; however, his letters were ignored, and Jackson simply replied “Oh Paul, that’s just business”.

3. The First Music Video by a Black Artist


Billie Jean doesn’t just go down in history for being one of the best pop songs in the industry, but it was also the first video from a black artist to air on MTV in 1982.

4. The Most Awarded Artist


No artist has more awards than Michael Jackson. He won 13 Grammys, 26 American Music Awards, 40 Billboard Awards, received congressional honours for his humanitarian efforts and even broke 23 Guinness World Records!

5. Library Fines


Michael Jackson unfortunately suffered from a string of debt before he died, but the strangest debt he supposedly owed was $1 million in library fines. However, the library agreed to drop the fines if the overdue books were returned autographed.

6. The Beauty Bed


Michael used to sleep in an oxygen tent, as he believed it would make him more beautiful and help him live longer. However, he went on to donate it to a Californian medical centre to provide therapeutic aid for burn victims.

7. Can’t Touch This


Michael Jackson was once challenged to a dance-off by MC Hammer. However, he turned down the offer and responded with: “I’ve seen your videos, and every single dance move you use you got off me”. We think it is safe to say that there would be some serious Blood on the Dancefloor if Jackson would have agreed!

8. Godfather

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was Nicole Richie’s godfather, and she would regularly visit his Neverland Ranch as a child, claiming to have slept in the musicians bedroom. She also publicly defended Michael Jackson when faced with charges for improper sexual behaviour against children.

9. Ricola

Michael Jackson - File Photos By Kevin Mazur

Michael Jackson wanted his voice to be perfect each and every time he stepped out on stage, which is why he insisted on drinking hot water with a dissolved Ricola before every concert to keep his singing voice clear. Someone hand us the Ricola, we’re off to do some karaoke!

10. Gregory Peck


Many people are unaware of Michael’s friendship with legendary actor Gregory Peck. The two men were neighbour and formed a friendship over the years. Michael even helped plan Gregory Peck’s funeral when he passed away in 2003.

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