10 Mind-Boggling Starbucks Facts

Starbucks opened their first coffee shop in Seattle back in 1971, and now serve 40 million customers per day. The coffee giant is now one of the biggest brands in the world – so why not learn a little more about them with the following 10 Starbucks facts.

1. The Original Name

Starbucks pequod

Starbucks was originally supposed to be called Pequod – after the whaling ship in Moby Dick. In the end, the name was changed to Starbucks, after Pequod’s first mate.

2. Round Tables

Starbucks tables

You won’t find many square tables in Starbucks, as they mostly use round ones so solo drinkers feel less alone.

3. Two Stores Per Day

Starbucks store

The famous coffee chain has opened an average of up to two stores per day since 1987.

4. 10 Minute Rule

customers outside starbucks

Starbucks has a 10 minute rule, which means each coffee shop should be open ten minutes before the opening time and ten minutes after the closing time.

5. Caring Coffee Company

Starbucks server

Starbucks cares about its employees, so much that they spend more on health care for their employees than they do on coffee beans each year. Health care costs Starbucks $300 million per year.

However, the coffee company doesn’t pay any tax in the UK, so they don’t help out with the national health service, which their British employees receive from the government.

6. The Secret Size

Starbucks coffee sizes

You can order a small cup size that’s not on the menu, which is known as the “kid’s size” and is just 8 ounces.

7. The Average Customer

Starbucks drinks

The average Starbucks customer visits the coffee shop 6 times per month. 20% of customers also grab a coffee up to 16 times per month.

8. Millions of Milk

A cup displaying the Starbucks Coffee logo is pictured at one of the coffee chain's store in Boca Raton, Florida

Starbucks uses a whopping 93 million gallons of milk per year – which is enough to fill up 155 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

9. Paper Cups


You thought Starbucks use a lot of milk? They use a lot more paper cups. How many? Approximately 2.3 billion per year.

10. Smiling Servers

Starbucks barista

All Starbucks baristas are required to smile at customers – and they should also attempt to connect and bond with them! They have an instruction manual called The Green Apron that has very specific instructions on how their baristas should greet customers.

So, if you think that barista has a crush on you, we’re sorry to inform you they’re just doing their job.

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    […] Credit a goat for discovering coffee. As the legend goes, an Ethiopian shepherd named Kaldi found his goats going berserk after eating bright red fruit from a bush. Kaldi tried the berries himself and he was overwhelmed by its euphoric effect. Kaldi told local monks about the fruit, and the monks manipulated the fruit to stay awake for long prayer sessions. The effects were so remarkable that the monks shared the fruit with other monasteries around the world. The coffee trade was born and now there’s a Starbucks on every corner. […]

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