10 Most Haunted Houses in the World

The world is full of so many haunted houses, apparently. Whether you believe in paranormal activity or not, you have to admit these spooky stories are enough to haunt your nightmares – which is why we’re offering the 10 most haunted houses in the world, just in time for Halloween.

1. Athelhampton House

 Athelhampton House

image via www.artfund.org

Athelhampton House is one of the most haunted places in the UK. Located in Dorset, Athelhampton House is believed to be the home of various ghosts, such as a pair of duellists who haunt the Great Chamber, who once reportedly awoke a sleeping female guest by fighting. The ghost of the Grey Lady has also been spotted on many occasions, and tapping noises can sometime be heard from the wine cellar. Guests may also hear the padding sounds of a phantom cat’s feet on the bare floorboards.

2. Borgvattnet (The Haunted Vicarage)

Borgvattnet (The Haunted Vicarage)

image via www.youtube.com

You will find the haunted vicarage in a small village in Jamtland County, Northern Sweden. Built in 1876, a ghost was first spotted in 1927, when Nils Hedmund, a chaplain, resided in the vicarage. He reported many paranormal events during his time at Borgvattnet, including how he once was walking up to his attic when he spotted his laundry being torn down from its line.

During the 1930s, Rudolf Tangden moved into the vicarage and witnessed a woman dressed in grey enter his room. He followed the ghost but she disappeared in front of him. His successor, Otto Lindgren, and his wife, moved into the vicarage in the 1940s and reported more paranormal activity at Borgvattnet, including movie objects and unexplainable noises.

Scary, right? Well, wait. It gets scarier. Otto and his wife once had a guest stay in a spare room at Borgvattnet, and she woke up in the middle of the night to find the ghost of three elderly women staring at her. In shock, she turned on the light but the women did not disappear but looked a little blurry. However, they continued to stare back at the house guest.

Chaplain Eric Lindgren later moved into the vicarage and began recording the ghostly happenings at Borgvattnet. He once jotted down how he was thrown out of his chair by an unseen entity.

Borgvattnet now serves as a restaurant/cafe, and guests will receive a certificate at the end of a stay to prove they remained in the building all night long. Would you be brave enough?

3. 50. Berkeley Square

50 Berkeley Square

image via www.theflyawayamerican.com

Be careful if you happen to walk into No. 50 Berkeley Square – as it is one of the most haunted houses in London. It all supposedly started when Mrs Myers, who once owned the house, was jilted at the alter. The heartbreak is believed to have drove the owner mad during the mid 19th century. Since then, maids have been known to faint or go mad, whilst soldiers who have stayed overnight in the attic have died of fright.

The house was later bought by the Maggs Bros. Ltds, who were rare books and manuscript dealers in the 1930s, and the sightings and terrors finally stopped.

4. The Whaley House

The Whaley House

image via whaleyhouse.org

The Whaley House can be found in San Diego’s Old Town, and is believed to be one of the most haunted houses on the planet. The dwelling was built by Thomas Whaley in 1857, and is the location where Yankee Jim Robinson was very publically hanged just years before the building’s construction. The Whaley Family were also unfortunate enough to experience many deaths, including the violent suicide of Violet Whaley in 1885, as well as many other family deaths. Violet was the daughter of Thomas Whaley, and took her own life by shooting herself in the chest with her father’s 32 calibre gun. Life Magazine called the residence “the most haunted house in America”, and the apparitions of Thomas and his wife Anna have been spotted in the house. US TV host Regis Philbin has even claimed to have once seen a ghost at The Whaley House.

5. LaLaurie House

LaLaurie House

image via www.paranormal-encounters.com

From one spooky American house to another. LaLaurie House in New Orleans once belonged to Madame Delphine LaLaurie. Her economic status was undoubtedly reflected in her luxurious home, but behind closed doors she reportedly enjoyed torturing slaves. She was so cruel, one slave once set fire to the house, and mutilated slaves were pulled from the house. With the family’s cruelty exposed to the world, they fled the home, never to return again.

The house has been bought and abandoned many times over the years due to unexplained events within the home. It was once turned into a haunted saloon with all the ghostly occurrences recorded by the owners. It has now been converted into high-end apartments – and a hidden grave from the LaLaurie family was discovered under the floorboards. Eerie!

6. The Amityville House

The Amityville House

image via uncrate.com

So you thought The Amityville House only existed in The Amityville Horror movie, did you? Well, how wrong you were. The paranormal stories inspired the movies. It all started when six members of the DeFeo family were cruelly murdered on 13th November 1974. A Father, Mother, and four of their five children’s lives were coldly taken when they were shot in their home of 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York.

Since then, many unexplainable events have happened within the home, including a plague of flies, cold spots in hallways and rooms, the strong scent of excrement or perfume and jolting noises at night. The home is also thought to be haunted by a poltergeist who throws objects across a room, and the walls have even oozed with green slime. Even spookier, a crucifix has even turned upside down on the wall, and there have been reports of a demonic pig-like creature with glowing eyes. Yeah, it’s scary alright!

A Catholic priest attempted to bless the house just 13 months after the DeFeo mass murder, but the Lutzes family, who bought the home, later found out that a voice told the priest to “Get out!” as he sprinkled holy water in a bedroom – the very room he told the homeowners that no-one should sleep in. The Lutze family stayed at 112 Ocean Avenue for just 28 days before fleeing the home.

7. St Augustine Lighthouse

St Augustine Lighthouse

image via totallystaugustine.com

St Augustine Lighthouse was built in Florida, USA, in 1974, but has since been plagued with reports of spooky events. The spirits of two young girls have been spotted on numerous occasions. They are believed to be the daughters of a construction worker whose lives were taken on the site during the building’s construction. There have also been reports of the ghost of a man and a woman, as well as the sound of footsteps and shadows.

8. Monte Cristo Homestead

Monte Cristo Homestead

image via www.dailymail.co.uk

The most haunted house in Australia just has to be the Monte Cristo Homestead in Junee, New South Wales. Various tragic events have occurred in the house was built in 1885. The Crawley family owned and lived in the home from the time of its construction up until 1948. The family endured a number of deaths, including the loss of a young child who was dropped down the stairs. The family’s maid also fell from the balcony, whilst a stable boy burned to death of the land.

The caretaker’s son, Harold, was mentally ill and so was chained up in the caretaker’s cottage for approximately 40 years. He was one day found curled up next to his mother’s dead body, so was sent to a mental institute where he died shortly after.

The house did not just cause much suffering for the Crawley family. In 1948, a group of caretakers moved into the late Victorian manor, but one of the men was murdered in the caretaker’s cottage.

9. Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort

image via www.rajasthanaamantran.com

The hauntings at Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan, India, are so well-known that the state has developed a new village outside the limits of the fort due to the paranormal activity. While the 17th century fort and its precincts are well preserved, no-one is allowed to stay here at night – which is stated on the notice board placed up by the Archaeological Survey of India at the entrance. Legend has it that a sadhu named Baba Balanath lived within the area of the fort, and ordered that any houses built close to his fort should not be taller than his home. Any home that ignored his ruling would result in its destruction of the fort town.

Many deaths occurred at the fort, with paranormal activity accounts reported soon after, which commonly take place at night. Weather conditions seemingly become more hostile as a person approaches the fort, and the sky will become dark as early as 7pm. Guests are banned from entering here after sunset and before sunrise. Locals have claimed that those who have entered the fort during this time have never been found again.

10. Raynham Hall

Raynham Hall

image via www.zillow.com

The Brown Lady is a ghostly spirit that haunts Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England. She is called The Brown Lady as she wears a brown brocade dress. However, the ghost is believed to be Lady Dorothy Walpole (1686-1726), who was the sister of Robert Walpole, the first Prime Minister of Great Britain. Many believe Lady Dorothy had an affair with Lord Wharton, cuckolding her husband, Charles Townshend. When he learnt of the affair, it is believed he locked her in their home at Raynham Hall. Other reports have, however, claimed that Lord Wharton’s wife arranged Lady Dorothy’s entrapment at the hall. Whatever the reason, The Brown Lady was locked away at Raynham Hall and died at Raynham Hall. Her ghost was last seen on 19th September 1936, when a Country Life magazine photographer snapped a photo of her.

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