10 New Year Traditions from Around the World

Countries all over the world celebrate New Year in different ways. The List Love therefore wants to take you on a globe-trotting New Year adventure in the form a top 10 list, which is why we’re offering facts on 10 New Year traditions from around the world.

1. Spain and Mexico

twelve grapes

Spain and Mexico’s New Year’s Eve tradition is for people to eat 12 grapes at midnight to secure twelve happy months that year.

2. Scotland

Hogmonay Scotland

New Year is known as Hogmanay in Scotland and, shortly after midnight, neighbours visit each other’s houses to pass on their best wishes to one another. First foots in the home often bring a gift of coal for the fire, or shortbread. It is also considered particularly luck if a tall, dark and handsome man is the first to enter a home once the new year has been rung in.

There is a custom of parading through the streets on New Year’s Even waving blazing balls of fire around the streets.

3. The Netherlands

The Netherlands New Year

The Dutch often burn Christmas trees on bonfires at New Year, and will launch fireworks. The fires are thought to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new.

4. Johannesburg, South Africa

old appliances

The residents of Johannesburg, South Africa, will often throw old appliances and furniture out of their windows or from rooftops on New Year’s Eve.

5. Germany

Dinner for One

Germany love a good British sketch, which is why the annually watch Dinner for One, which is about a lonely 90th birthday party, with the butler James playing the role of Miss Sophie’s departed friends, and getting more drunk as the sketch goes along. Most people in the UK, however, have never heard of it.

6. Romania

Romania New Year

Those wanting a prosperous New Year in Romania will put on bear costumes and furs and will dance at different houses. It is thought to keep evil at bay.

7. Venice, Italy

Mass Kiss-in Venice

On top of holding a big firework display at the Basin of St. Mark in Venice, Italy, the square also holds a mass kiss-in in the piazza.

8. Albania

Albania New Year

Residents in Albania put up a “New Year’s Tree” or “New Year’s Pine” and on New Year’s Eve parents, grandparents, children and other relatives come together to share memories of their moments all together. After reminiscing, the loved ones enjoy a variety of delicious dishes before settling down to watch comedy shows that night. Take us to Albania!

9. Estonia

Estonia New Year

Estonia celebrates the New Year by decorating villages and visiting relatives. It is recommended for people eat seven, nine or twelve times on New Year’s Eve, as these are very lucky numbers in Estonia.

For each meal consumed, a person gains the strength of that many men the following year. However, meals should never be finished, as some food should be left for their ancestors and house spirits.

10. Wales

Bread and cheese

The ancient custom of giving gifts and money on New Year’s Day is now a Welsh tradition; however, it is now customary to offer the gift of bread and cheese.

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