10 Powerful Images to Put Your Life in Perspective

There are people in the world who are struggling with bigger problems than we can possibly imagine. The following powerful images will make you truly appreciate your life, whilst treasuring each and every person who enters it.

1. Heart Surgery

heart surgery

Here a heart surgeon takes a well-earned break after a 23-hour-long heart transplant – which was a success. His assistant is sleeping in the corner.

2. The Starving Boy


A starving boy places his hand in the missionary’s hand.

3. Auschwitz Gas Chamber

Auschwitz gas chamber

The inside of an Auschwitz gas chamber.

4. Zanjeer

zanjeer the dog

Zanjeer the dog detected 3,329kgs of explosive RDX, 600 detonators, 249 hand grenades and 6406 rounds of live ammunition, saving the lives of thousands of people during the Mumbai serial blasts in March 1993. He was buried with full honours in 2000.

5. Wait for Me Daddy

wait for me daddy photo

The above photograph is titled “Wait for Me Daddy” and was taken by Claude P. Dettloff in New Westminister, Canada on 1st October, 1940. One child, Warren “Whitey” Bernard, runs after his father, Private Jack Bernard, who belonged to The British Columbia Regiment, and soldiers were fanned out across the city to guard vulnerable points.

6. The Marine’s Wife

marine's wife

Katherine Cathey, the wife of a fallen Marine, insisted on sleeping next to the casket of her husband, 2nd Lt. James Cathey, on the night before his burial. She played music on her laptop that reminded her of her 24-year-old soul mate who was killed in Iraq in 2005.

7. The Teacher

boy plays violin at teacher's funeral

12-year-old Diego Frazao Torquato plays the violin at his teacher’s funeral. The murdered teacher helped the boy escape a life of poverty and violence through music. Diego died of leukaemia later that year.

8. The Gift of Tea

afgha gives US soldier tea

An Afghan man offers US soldiers with the gift of tea.

9. 9/11

9/11 Richard Peraza

Robert Peraza pauses at his son’s name at the 9/11 memorial during the tenth anniversary ceremonies at the World Trade Center site.

10. The Golden Gate Bridge

suicide attempt

In 2005, Kevin Berthia was talked out of jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge by a police officer. Kevin is now an advocate for suicide prevention and he is now happily married and has two children.

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  1. Thrifty Shopper says:

    If one or more of these pictures don’t bring a deep feeling of sadness to your heart there is something wrong. Pictures speak louder than words in this case x

    • The List Love says:

      Most definitely. These photographs definitely pull at your heartstrings, and everyone should see them. Thanks for reading! Please visit The List Love again soon for more top 10 lists. ūüôā

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