10 Spice Girls Facts to Make You Stop Right Now

The Spice Girls inspired young girls everywhere to stick two fingers up to the world and shout about girl power. They were more than a pop band; they started a feminine revolution that helped catapult them to fame. They also released some pretty catchy songs.

The List Love therefore invites you to spice up your life and read these 10 Spice Girls facts.

1. The Nicknames

Spice Girls

The Spice Girls’ nicknames were a big part of the band’s success, as it helped them form an identity in the music industry. What’s surprising is that the girls didn’t pick their names; Top of the Pops magazine did. Back in 1996, when the Spice Girls were starting out, the magazine gave them the nicknames Sporty, Baby, Scary, Ginger and Posh Spice and the rest is history.

Bonus Fact: The Spice Girls were originally called Touch.

2. Songwriters

Spice Girls

The Spice Girls were more than just a pop band, they were songwriters, too. Many people are unaware the girls helped pen most of their biggest hits.

3. Wannabe

Spice Girls Wannabe

Wannabe, the band’s first single, was shot in one take due to the freezing weather conditions inside the Midland Grand Hotel in London. The record company hated the finished video, but the forceful band refused to shoot another one. Luckily fans fell in love with the song and the video won an MTV VMA award in 1997.

Bonus Fact: Wannabe was written in just 30 minutes.

4. Auditions

the Spice Girls

Both Geri and Mel C nearly never made it into the band. Geri was all set to skip the audition as her face was sunburnt from a ski trip in Spain. Red face and all, she won the audition judges over when she said to them: “I’m as old as you want me to be. I’ll be 10 with big boobs, if you want”.

Mel C also nearly missed the audition as she was suffering from chronic tonsillitis.

5. The Former Spice Girl

Spice Girls Michelle Stephenson

There is another Spice Girl out there, Michelle Stephenson. She was an original member of the band but was replaced with Emma Bunton as she didn’t gel with the other girls.

Michelle Stephenson commented on the band in a 2001 interview: “Of course I regret I’m not a multi-millionaire like them. But at the time I left the group I knew I was doing the right thing – and I still think that was the right thing”.

6. The Union Jack Dress

Spice Girls Union Jack

Geri’s Union Jack dress was a big hit at the 1997 Brit Awards, helping the performance to become one of the band’s most iconic moments. It’ll probably come as no shock to learn that the dress was snapped at a Hard Rock Cafe auction for £36,000 (US$68,000), and is now one of the most expensive pop star garments ever sold.

7. Godmothers

Geri, Emma and Victoria from the Spice Girls

Rumours were rife about a rift between the band when Geri quit. There is seemingly no hard feelings, though, as Victoria and Emma are both godmothers to Geri’s daughter, Bluebell Madonna, who was born in 2006.

8. Nelson Mandela

the Spice Girls with Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is a man most definitely worthy of the word hero, and it appears he believed the Spice Girls to be heroes of music, as he once said: “These are my heroes. This is one of the greatest moments in my life”.

9. The Real Sporty Spice

Mel C and Emma Bunton

Mel C was coined Sporty Spice because of her active image, but Emma Bunton was actually the sporty one, as she had a blue belt in karate and would often teach the other girls how to kick.

10. Beyonce

Beyonce Victoria Beckham

Beyonce once covered a Victoria Beckham Song. No, we’re serious. She really did. She recorded Posh Spice’s Resentment for her 2006 album B’Day. Listen to the two versions below…

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