10 Strange Extra-Terrestrial Encounters

Have you ever saw an alien? Do you believe there is life beyond planet Earth? We live in a vast universe, with planets that offer different environments. It is therefore not completely unbelievable to think there could be other lifeforms out there. The following stories explain some of the encounters us humans claim to have witnessed. You be the judge.

1. Texas

Alien spaceship Texas

Back in 1980, Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum apparently witnessed a water-tower sized aircraft on the ground that was shooting flames from its underside. However, when they attempted to investigate the object, they were immediately surrounded by dozens of military helicopters, which escorted the odd aircraft away from the scene.

2. Buff Ledge

alien abduction

Two teenager siblings were reportedly abducted when working at the summer camp Buff Ledge in New England, USA, in 1968. They saw a UFO at the docks, and could see aliens moving around inside. All they remember next is being hit by a beam of light.

The teenagers believe the aliens, who they said had slits for noses, webbed fingers and no ears or lips, took samples from their bodies. However, they did know that the aliens wanted world peace for our planet – which they had already achieved. An independent investigation found that some people, who had not heard the story, had also reported strange lights at the camp that same night – whilst other camp members reported that they were also abducted.

3. New Mexico

Sergeant moody abduction

In New Mexico in 1975, Sergeant Moody was watching a meteor shower in his car, at which point a UFO landed right in front of him. He tried to flee the vehicle but couldn’t get out of the car. Before everything went to black, he reported that he saw a humanoid shape inside of his police car.

He later went under hypnosis to find out what happened when he blacked out. He found that as the aliens tried to abduct him, he slammed one of the them with his car door and then punched another. However, they subdued him and later performed experiments in their spaceship.

4. Lebanon

Blonde alien

In 1988, Peter Khoury was blissfully asleep on his couch when he was awoken by two strange women in his house. He reported that one had blonde hair, while the other alien appeared to be Asian. The blonde, who was obviously the leader, pushed Peter’s head into her breasts several times, so he bit down on her nipple; however, she did not react to his attack or bleed from the injury. Taking the hint, the women left. It wasn’t until later that Peter found a blonde hair that was hurting his foreskin.

5. Russia

yellow alien

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, a Russian politician, recently announced that he was abducted by aliens in yellow spacesuits back in the 90s. He claimed he was taken aboard a long, transparent spaceship, but he was unable to understand the aliens’ language. If there is one person you should always believe, it is a politician!

6. Phoenix

Phoenix aliens

It is hard to believe one person’s story about extra-terrestrial encounters, but it is difficult to dispute thousands of people’s stories. Back in 1997, thousands of people telephoned their local police departments to report strange lights from a flying object illuminating the night sky. Many stated the object had a V shape and was able to move incredibly quickly.

7. Australia

Australian aliens

In 1966, 200 witnesses claimed that they had seen a UFO fly and land near a local high school during daylight. The aircraft, however, didn’t stick around, and left at speeds that could not be matched by the local area aircrafts that investigated it.

8. Stephensville


40 residents of Stephensville, Texas, USA, reportedly saw a UFO hovering around a local farming community in 2008. Witnesses included several policemen and a pilot. Apparently it remained in the area for 5 minutes before flying back into the night sky.

9. Suffolk

aliens suffolk

In December 1980 in Suffolk, England, there were several reports of unexplained lights and UFOs in a forest near RAF Woodbridge. The incident is now known as “Britain’s Roswell” as an alien had also reportedly landed in New Mexico. US Air Force personnel  arrived at the scene with an image intensifier and a tape recorder, and later claimed to have encountered an alien aircraft and other weird phenomena. Many conspiracy theorists believe the Ministry of Defence covered up the alien encounter.

10. Cardiff

Cardiff abduction

Speaking of the Ministry of Defence, they released a case file just last year that contained hundreds of reports about people witnessing UFOs and other extraterrestrial activity. The most high profile story was on page 167, as a man from Cardiff, Wales, reported that he and his friends were camping in 1992 when they saw a group of 12-15 UFOs fly over their campsite. The fleet apparently abducted their car, a dog and their tent.

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