10 Terms Coined at the Casino

Travelling to Las Vegas? Want to learn all the casino terminology regularly shown in movies? Maybe you just love a good bet. Whatever your reason, just take a look at 10 terms coined at the casino.

1. Cold Deck

playing cards

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Cold deck is a reference to a stacked deck that’s been deliberately switched with the original deck of cards that are in play – which is often to benefit the player or dealer. It’s called a cold deck as they are often literally colder than the original deck, which has been touched by warm hands.

2. Double or Nothing


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You have most likely heard the words “double or nothing” used in your favourite casino movies, but may not actually know what it means. Double of nothing basically means a gamble to decide whether a loss will either be doubled for a player or cancelled altogether. It’s a way for players to up the stakes for the chance to double their winnings, but they could lose the whole pot.

3. Muck

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Muck has two meanings. When playing poker, the muck refers to a pile of discarded cards when a player folds their hand, which a dealer may place burned cards into. It is also a reference to a person throwing their hand into a much. If a player chooses to fold a hand, which is face down, the hand is not folded until their cards reach the muck.

4. Snake Eyes

snake eyes dice

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Snakes Eyes is the outcome of rolling the dice to receive a pip on each die. They are called Snake eyes because they resemble a pair of eyes. The odds of rolling snake eyes on two-sided dice are just 1-in-36.

5. Advantage Gambling

advantage gambler

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You’ve probably seen the movie where the clever genius uses his knowledge to gain incredible wealth in Las Vegas – and that is called advantage gambling or advantage play. It is basically a legal way to use mathematical advantage whilst gambling.

6. Breaking the Bank

blackjack table

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Breaking the bank is basically when a player wins a significant amount of money from a casino. It is also very rare to break the bank by winning more than the house has on hand – so you’d win more chips than there on the casino.

7. Late Betting


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Late betting is basically viewed as a form of cheating, as it refers to making a bet when there are no more bets being taken. This is also often referred to as past posting. For example, in roulette, past posting can be referred to as placing a bet after the ball lands in a pocket – and this is often achieved by a player distracting the dealer’s attention so another player can make a bet. Tut, tut!

8. Card Counting

card counting

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Card Counting is an illegal card game strategy that’s commonly used in games such as blackjack. A player will count cards to determine whether the next hand will provide them with an advantage. Most card counters are viewed as a class of advantage players who attempt to win significant sums at a casino.

9. Boxcars

boxcars dice

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Boxcars is a slang term for the outcome of rolling a dice in a game of craps and getting 6 on both dies. They are called boxcars as the pair of 6 pips resemble boxcars on a freight train.

10. Even Money

Las Vegas

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Even Money is simply a wagering proposition with even odds. The player will either lose or win the same amount of money they bet. It’s a 50/50 bet, but the odds are weighted against the gambler in casino or sportsbook betting. Learn the lingo of the casino from Ladbrokes.

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