10 Weird Collections Bought for Outrageous Money

The average American household spends about $60,000 on goods and services every year. Some people out there though, namely celebrities, spend a lot more than that.

They spend millions…

And we’re not talking about millions on necessary goods and services, either. We’re talking about millions on random, weird collections that no sane person would ever spend so much money on.

Maybe when you’re rich, you just run out of things to do with your money? Nobody on our team is likely to ever know for sure.

In any case, to celebrate rich people and all of their intricacies, we’ve compiled a list of celebs and their weird collections of choice.

1. Knives – Angelina Jolie

We all know Angelina Jolie. She had her breakthrough moment in the film Girl, Interrupted and then had her break-up moment after shutting things down with Brad Pitt a few years back. . . And Billy Bob Thornton years before that.

What you might not know about Angelina is that she’s a little eccentric. For example, she famously wore a spooky vile of blood around her neck for a number of years.

That’s why we were kind of worried to find out that Angelina spends hundreds of thousands of dollars up-keeping her knife collection.

You definitely don’t want to mess with this woman.

2. Barbie Dolls – Johnny Depp

Yes. We’re telling you that Johnny Depp, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, collects Barbie dolls.

Surprised? We’re guessing that you’re not.

Given all of Johnny Depp’s quirks, a Barbie collection feels just about right in association with this actor. He claims that he used to love playing dolls with his children and that his love of collecting the figurines grew from there.

3. Cars – Jay Leno

We get that cars don’t exactly lend themselves to the “weird collections” category. What’s so weird about Jay’s collection, though, is the amount of money that he’s poured into this hobby of his.

It’s estimated that Jay Leno’s car collection is worth a whopping $50,000,000 dollars.

As this interesting article specifies, we’re sure that he has a good time creating all kinds of custom-numbered plates for his 4-wheeled babies.

4. Taxidermy – Amanda Seyfried

This one transcends weird collections and forays into downright morbid. Amanda Seyfried, the lovable air-head from Mean Girls, likes collecting dead animals in her spare time.

As a matter of fact, in an interview, she once said that she loves collecting taxidermy because she loves animals and animals are easier to take care of when they’re dead.

Whatever floats your boat, Amanda. Just keep your collection away from us, please.

5. Shoes – Tinie Tempah

Have you ever heard of Tinie Tempah? No? Well, you’re probably not English enough to appreciate this rapper’s fly style and talent.

Whether or not you appreciate Tinie’s music, we’re sure that you’re going to appreciate this. . .

Tinie collects shoes (not weird). His collection includes sneakers from Back to the Future (kind of weird). Those shoes cost him almost $20,000 (weird).

6. Old Toys – Leonardo Dicaprio

We like Leo, so we hate to judge his collection, but there’s something about a 50-year-old man collecting old toys that for some reason gives us the chills. Maybe it’s just us.

Anyway, Leo collects retro toys and his collection is estimated to be worth close to a million dollars — based on some items he auctioned off to charity recently.

7. Watches – Jay-Z

Do you use a watch anymore? Neither do we.

It seems odd, then, since most people have sort of let watches die off, that Jay-Z is single-handedly keeping the timepiece industry afloat.

OKAY. . . we concede that there are people out there that still use watches and that the industry isn’t falling off the face of the planet any time soon. Get this, though. . .

As part of his collection, Jaz-Z owns the most expensive watch in the world, which is worth $5 million dollars.

If you don’t think that that’s a weird amount of money to spend on a watch then you’ve certainly got richer blood than we do.

8. Rare Books – Kelsey Grammer

What’s weird about this collection is that Kelsey Grammar is its collector. Kelsey Grammer made a fortune playing the intellectual “Fraiser” on the hit TV show by the same name.

It’s kind of odd that the character Kelsey played would have enjoyed the exact same collection that the actor enjoys in real life.

Maybe he went too deep into his role or maybe Kelsey is a living, breathing embodiment of Fraiser?

Who knows. . .

9. Model Trains – Rod Stewart

Nothing says rock-and-roll sex God quite like playing with model trains. Or at least that’s Rod Stewart’s take on things.

Rod has an impressive model train set that features environments with as many as 100 model buildings.

Well, rock stars are known for doing things big, and Rod has taken that philosophy into his train hobby.

10. Water Parks – Celine Dione

This is less of a weird collections pick and more of a weird impulse buy. A few years back, Celine Dione spent $100 million dollars to have a waterpark built in her backyard for her son.

Can you imagine the upkeep that would need to be done on that thing? What the heck is she going to do with it when her son stops being interested in water parks and starts spending all of his free time playing Fortnite?

First world problems.

Wrapping Up Our Weird Collections List

Did those weird collections strike you as odd? We hope so.

If they didn’t, maybe you’re too weird for us.

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