5 Design Tips: How to Make Your Own Invitations Like a Pro

Birthdays, weddings, graduations, BBQs, they all have one thing in common: they all require an invitation. 

Invitations can be costly when you pay a professional to create them. In fact, wedding invitations can easily cost over $600. Often they end up looking lovely, however, have you ever thought about making invitations yourself?

When you make your own invitations, it adds a touch of personality and warmth to the invite. You allow your creativity to shine, and economically speaking, could save you some serious cash. 

How to Make Your Own Invitations: Five Tips

When you’re thinking about how to design invitations, there are a few key ideas you’ll want to include along with your creative liberties. Here are five tips to get you started. 

1. Event Information

No one comes to an event without knowing the details!

Be sure to include the date, time, type of event (formal or informal, no children, no pets), location, contact information, and RSVP instructions. Keep the details clear and concise. Write everything out before putting it in the invitation. 

If you have a website that includes more information about the event, include that as well. 

Be sure to proofread everything before you print!

2. Design And Dimensions

Now comes the fun part – hashing out the actual design of your invitation!

When you’re ready to make your own invitations, there are four elements to be aware of: theme, color, font, and dimensions.

Dimensions are primary because they will allocate the placement of all your other elements. Have the dimensions in place first before you begin designing. 

The theme of your invitation should reflect your event. Is it an outdoor wedding? Try using images like flowers or leaves. Kids birthday party? Go with balloons, confetti or other images that convey that type of party. The recipient should get a feel for the event based on the theme conveyed in the invitation. 

You probably wouldn’t use bright, primary colors for an elegant evening wedding. Choosing your color scheme is simplified when your theme is decided. Color tone speaks loud and clear to what type of event you’re hosting.

Fonts tie everything together. Choosing a font is just as important as choosing a color or theme. Some people may try using different fonts for the greeting or event information to make it stand out.

3. Take Time to Experiment

If you have plenty of time before your event, try playing around with different designs, templates, colors, and fonts, especially if you’re having trouble deciding. Don’t overthink it, though. Narrow your choices down to a few you love and go from there. 

4. Paper Quality Matters

Don’t skimp on paper! We don’t just read invitations with our eyes, but also with our hands. Use a high-quality, dependable paper such as vellum or cardstock and choose a texture to coordinate with your theme. 

5. Simplify With A Template

Because professionally-made invitations are more expensive, creating your own invitations may be more enticing simply to save money. If that’s the case, and if you believe you lack creativity, choose a template that already has a theme and color scheme chosen. All you’d have to do is change the details in the template to match your event.

Ready to Get Started Making Invitations?

It can be a fun creative outlet to make your own invitations! With a design that truly speaks to your personality, guests will be eager and excited to join you at your event. 

Need some party theme ideas? Learn more about special occasions on our other posts and let the planning begin!

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