5 Tropical Indoor Trees Perfect for Any Household

Do you live in an area that is lacking in luscious nature? Are you in need of some green in your environment to help get you through the winter? It sounds like it’s time to bring the outdoors inside.

Tropical indoor trees can be an excellent addition to your home. They add a pop of color and bring a natural flair to any room. Quickly turn your home into a jungle paradise or exotic rainforest by adding these 5 tropical indoor trees that you’ll love.

1. Amazon Elephant’s Ear

This tropical plant comes from Southeast Asia and is sometimes also called African Mask. It is widely loved for its distinct dark green arrow-shaped leaves that are accentuated by lightly colored veins.

However, this plant is poisonous to pets so keep that in consideration when figuring out where to place it in your home. Elephant ears prefer indirect sunlight and crave plenty of water.

2. Bird Of Paradise

Bird of Paradise, also sometimes referred to as Crane Flowers, is one of the most popular tropical flowers. With bright and exciting colors of blue and orange that resemble a bird in flight, this plant is a common symbol of being in paradise.

This plant also comes in other colors such as the white bird of paradise. Despite the complex flower bloom, bird of paradise plants are relatively easy to take care of. They love hot climates and direct sunlight.

3. Palm Trees

Palm trees are the staple of a tropical environment, and there is a group of palms that grow easily indoors. These palms tend to be the most commonly seen indoor trees.

Although they grow slowly, they can grow to be quite big and require very little attention. Palms loves partial or indirect sunlight, so placing them in a sunny room will be best. Commonly indoor palms include the date palm, bamboo palm, fan palm, and Washington palm.

4. Anthurium

These tropical bright flowers are a commonly enjoyed tropical plant. With bright red flowers, they add a lovely pop of color to your space. Anthurium doesn’t enjoy direct sunlight but does love high levels of humidity.

5. Croton

This houseplant is widely popular since it comes in a wide variety of foliage patterns and colors. With leaf colors ranging from bright yellow to vibrant red, it’s the perfect exotic touch to any space.

Crotons can grow up to ten feet tall and are relatively easy to take care of. These plants don’t like the cold so make sure you don’t expose it to temperatures under 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Crotons love direct sunlight so placing it by a window will be the best way to help it stay healthy.

Picking Your Favorite Indoor Trees

Indoor trees are a great way to make your home feel like a tropical paradise all throughout the year. And with such a wide variety of easy to take care of plants all you have to do is pick your favorite one.

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