Hot Stuff: How to Use Google Trends to Your Advantage

Google is so much more than a search engine. There are more than 250 different Google products!

One of the most versatile Google products is Google trends. Google Trends is the best-kept secret of marketers, SEO specialists, writers, researchers, and web-savvy business owners.

What’s so great about this seemingly simple tool?

Google Trends reveals the top trending search phrases in real-time. It also breaks down the data by geography, category, time frame, and search type. It even shows you top related searches to compare.

You don’t have to pay a cent to use Google Trends, making this one of the most valuable free tools on the web.

Whether you’re crafting a marketing plan or a research report, discover how to use Google Trends to its fullest.

What You’ll Find

Trends is one of the easiest Google products to use, and there are several ways to use it.

When you navigate over to Trends, the first thing you’ll see is a search box. Underneath, you’ll find a list of trending topics and searches. These are updated in real-time.

Data is based on your location. To see trending search data for another country, simply switch your Trends location to that country. The homepage also features selected comparison data for trending searches.

You’ll also find Google Trend’s year-end search reports. This is one reason why Trends is a goldmine for researchers.

How to Use Google Trends for News

Google Trends is a powerful tool for news sites, health and wellness publications, celebrity gossip blogs, and online entertainment publishers. These industries all need access to top-trending searches.

For example, as the wellness industry continues to surge, so does search data for natural remedies and CBD. Wellness writers use Google Trends to discover where consumers want to shop for CBD online. They can also view corresponding location data to tweak wellness content for local audiences.  

Google Trends calculates search data from across the web. This includes YouTube, Google Images, and news headlines. If you’re stumped on what to write, Google Trends is a treasure trove of ideas.

Google Trends for SEO

Google Trends is the secret weapon of the SEO industry. It’s also a good way to teach yourself the basics of SEO.

Trends lets you analyze the search phrase, or keyword, of your choice. Simply, input a phrase for trend analysis. You can view the keyword’s interest over time, its top trending search locations, and related searches.

Geographical breakdowns provide valuable data for local SEO. You can see the most popular regions and subregions for a given keyword. This makes local SEO campaigns a whole lot easier.

Another valuable feature is the search comparison tool. This lets you input additional keywords to compare search data. This is a powerful SEO tool, but it’s also a valuable tool for researchers.  

Google Trends for Fun

Do you ever surf Google Earth to take a spontaneous trip around the world? Like Google Earth, Google Trends gives you an inside look at life beyond your borders.

Google Trends provides search data from all over the world. Learn which music is trending in France to change up your playlist. Discover which celebrities are causing drama in the UK.

Compare searches for your favorite movies to see which comes out on top. This is a fun game to do with your favorite celebrities and pop stars.

Google Trends generates colorful visual representations of your data too. Have some fun and print out a chart of trending pie flavors!

Discover More Trends

It only takes a second to get sucked down a Google Trends rabbit hole. Jump in and see for yourself! Discover how to use Google Trends to its fullest potential.

Remember, trends change quickly. Stay in the know and check back often for more tips, trends, and lists you love.

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