Italy Bucket List: 6 Must-See Places in Italy

Italy is one of the most beautiful and varied countries in the whole world. Until relatively recently Italy was an assortment of kingdoms and smaller states that each had their own unique culture and that still shines through today.

From the rolling hills of the Dolomites to the breathtaking coastlines of Amalfi and Capri, there are so many must see places in Italy it’s hard to know where to begin. If your time is short here are some of the highlights to explore in detail, really ticking off your Italy bucket list. 

1. Rome

What can be said about this beautiful land where one of the greatest kingdoms the world has ever seen was born. From the Colosseum to underground catacombs, to the Pantheon and the giant Roman Forum. Everywhere you look there is history to behold.

Also very close to Rome is the Vatican. Legally, a kingdom within its own right with the Pope as an absolute monarch, the spectacular chapels and basilicas are a trip in their own right. 

And this is before we even mention the spectacular food. Pasta dishes like cacio e pepe and carbonara are world famous but here in Rome, they will be better than anywhere in the world. Italy travel is truly a foodie’s heaven. 

2. Cinque Terra

Miles and miles of spectacular coastline surround these tiny villages, high up on cliff -faces. You can technically walk between the villages but if you go during the summer months it might be too hot for this to be a viable option. Instead, take a scenic train.

Be sure to try some of the seafood whilst you are here as it is fresh. You can get a cone of various creatures you might not have tried before: octopus, squid or even eel. 

3. Florence 

This breathtaking city of culture is like one giant museum showcasing the best of the Renaissance era. Marvel at the former stronghold of the Medici’s, one of the most important and influential families in the whole world. 

Wander the streets where Da Vinci once walked and climb the famous tower of the Santa Maria del Fiore for incredible views out of the city and the Arno River.

A trip to Florence is also not complete without a visit to the Uffizi gallery. This has artwork from some of the greatest artists in history.

Marvel at famous pieces of art like the Birth of Venus by Botticelli or the portrait of Pope Leo X with Two Cardinals by Raphael. There are also works by Da Vinci, the master himself, as well as by Michelangelo and Caravaggio. This is surely an art lovers dream.  

4. Amalfi 

If you need some time away from the big cities like Rome, Florence, and Milan, then you need to get yourself down to the Amalfi coast. The views are incredible and there is plenty of space and time for you to relax by the beach.

But the best thing to do in Amalfi is to hire a private boat, if you can afford it, and go sailing around the various coves and grottos. There are also day tours you can go on for a cheaper price. If longer tours are your thing be sure to book one from this travel site

The island of Capri is very nearby so this requires a day-trip for sure. Be sure to check out the Roman ruins and catch up on some shopping at some of the designer shops they have here. 

April and May are probably the best times to visit Amalfi. Anything later than that will be too hot and you may feel that you are uncomfortable. 

5. Venice 

A trip to Italy is not complete without a trip to this historic port city. Many people see this city as more romantic than Paris and many a proposal has taken place during a gondola ride down on the famous canals.

Venice can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Although it is a bit cold in winter it is still beautiful and the sun still can still be seen shining. Be sure to check out some of the many museums here, including the Dodge’s Palace or, if you like, simply sit in or walk around St Mark’s Square and marvel at what you see around you. 

The food in Venice is just as good as it is in other places in Italy but it is often overlooked so be sure to check it out. The bakeries and sweet treats here are delightful. You could even consider booking a day tour where a local expert will take you to all of the best spots.

6. Naples 

Many people say they either love or hate this city. The largest city of the South, it is known for being slightly more rough-and-ready than the laid back Amalfi coast or scenic Florence. But this is part of its charm. 

The reason most people come to Naples, however, is for one reason only: pizza. Naples is the birthplace of pizza and they say you can get the best marinara or Margherita in the whole world. The best places to go are not the fancier restaurants but the smaller stalls at cheaper prices. 

Must See Places in Italy: There are So Many. 

Italy is a beautiful country but it is so varied and there are so many must see places in Italy, it is important to be careful and not overstretch yourself. Unless you have more than a month it is going to be impossible to see all of it in one go. 

From the incredible food of Naples to the romantic canals of Venice to the ancient capital of the world: Rome, Italy is a country that is not to be missed. 

If you are interested in reading more list articles about Italy or travel be sure to check out some of the other posts on our site. 

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