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North and South Korean Brothers

10 Photographs That Will Make You Cry

We don’t like to make you cry here at The List Love, we really don’t. However, there are some stories that must be shared, and we feel it is our duty to pass them onto our readers. Here are 10...

Daniel Black

10 Amazing Acts of Human Kindness

The world is full of so many wonderful people – and the internet allows us just to see a handful of them in all their glory. May we all as wonderful and thoughtful as these caring people who have performed...

Black doctors perform on KKK patient

10 Photos to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

The world is sadly filled with tragic moments and cold-hearted individuals. However, the following photographs show just how wonderful and compassionate people can be, even when faced with extreme violence, prejudice or sorrow. 1. The KKK Patient The above photograph...