The Real Deal: Top 7 Best Celebrity Psychics

Around one in three Americans say that they have experienced a psychic moment.

While you may think that some psychics are fakes, some have become famous for sharing their psychic abilities with the world. 

Are these psychics fake or the real deal? That’s for you to make up your mind. 

However, you cannot deny the following and fame of the psychics in the list below. Check out our list of the best celebrity psychics below. Let’s get started!

1. John Edward

John Edward is a New Yorker and medium. He learned of his psychic abilities when he was young.

He started to write about how he knew about events which occurred before his birth. Many of these events had been secrets within his own family. 

However, it was not until he met another famous psychic Lydia Clar. Clar gave Edward a sense of direction for his gift.

She convinced him to spend his life sharing his talent and teaching other people about psychic abilities.

Edward has continued to make a name for himself through television shows on the “Sci-Fi channel” and “We TV”.

Additionally, he has launched an online platform called Evolve. This connects his followers and other psychics together to share their personal experiences and insights.

2. Lisa Williams

The British psychic Lisa Williams considers herself to be a “healer.” Her Grandfather was also a psychic medium.  

When Williams was young, she described friends and family visiting the home. Only she was told that those family members had died before she was born.

Williams didn’t plan to become a psychic. However, she accidentally found herself giving readings to friends and strangers. Check out this useful resource to learn more about spiritual readings. 

Upon meeting Merv Griffin, the TV host, she got involved in television. She has produced tons of shows, including “Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead” and “Lisa Williams: Voices From the Other Side.”

3. Zíbia Gasparetto

The Brazilian writer Zíbia Gasparetto has published numerous books of the supernatural and spirituality.

Gasparetto was originally triggered to learn about spiritualism from an incident in 1950. He suddenly woke up in the middle of the night speaking German. 

This was despite the fact that she had never learned the language. She and her husband were eager to learn about what had happened. 

Gasparetto has even published a book which was channeling a spirit.

She found herself involuntarily drafting a book, which was published as Love Won (O Amor Venceu). She has co-authored four further books with spirits. 

4. Esther Hicks 

Esther Hisks, also known as “Abraham Hicks”, is from the Rocky Mountains.

Before she discovered she had psychic abilities, she considered herself a simple person. She says that she “never really thought about things too deeply.”

Soon after her marriage to Jerry Hicks, she began meditating. She unlocked a spiritual connection to another dimension.

She has been an inspiration to many psychics around the world ever since. Hicks even featured as herself in the movie The Secret from 2006. 

She has published up to nine books with her husband Jerry Hicks. However, she doesn’t take the credit for the books.

She explains that the books were “translated from a group of non-physical entities.” Many people have used many different words to describe what Hicks has achieved.

And yet, Hicks says that she taps into “infinite intelligence.” Hicks believes that we all experience this energy source when we experience pure joy or sexual orgasm.

5. Chip Coffey

Chip Coffey is another New Yorker. He says he has had contact with the dead.

However, before you discover his gift, he was a counselor. He always knew he was different. Coffey is also an enthusiastic animal lover and volunteers for animal rescue organizations.

He had featured on many paranormal television shows, such as “Paranormal State” and “Psychic Kids.” On “Psychic Kids”, Coffey is committed to bringing up younger psychics who are exploring their abilities. 

If you want to discover more about his story? He published his coming of age book called “Growing Up Psychic” in 2012. 

6. James Van Praagh

James Van Praagh is an American spiritual medium. He is perhaps the most famous psychic in the world.

He is a celebrated author, having published the best-seller “Talking to Heaven.” Van Praagh has been helping people to contact the dead for over three decades.

No psychic puts in more hours than James Van Praagh. His output includes social media posts, videos, live stream events, and television shows. 

7. Theresa Caputo

Theresa Caputo is known as the “Long Island Medium.” She’s also an accomplished author, named a New York Times best-selling writer. 

She has a big personality to match her shocking ability to speak to the dead. You’ll immediately spot her from her big blonde hair and long painted nails.

Caputo says that she first realized she had a special capacity to talk to the dead when she was only four years old. However, it took her until her twenties to master the ability.

She struggled with depression and anxiety due to her inability to accept her gift. However, since the embrace of her spirituality, she tours the country putting people in touch with their deceased relatives. 

Best Celebrity Psychics

You may not get the opportunity to receive a reading or hear an inspirational talk from one of our best celebrity psychics. 

However, the celebrity psychics on our list have been influential for many younger and less well-known mediums. 

While there are fake psychics out there. You need to decide which medium is telling the truth about what they can do.

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